AutoCAD is a software application that was developed by Autodesk. It is used for creating 2D and 3D computer-aided design drawings. This software has revolutionized the designing of technical drawings. It is also used for creating technical drawings for blueprints, architectural drawings, and manufacturing documents. It has certain features which make it more powerful than any other designing software. It helps in creating designs by adding thickness to lines and shapes. It also helps in creating 3D models and adding shadows and textures to it.

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Auto Cad

You’re going to start by opening the auto cad. Click the plus symbol to create a new drawing, and then we’re going to change the unit. So if you type in units and the search bar, we’re going to change the type of units. It should be set at default to decimal. We’re going to change it to architectural, and that’s going to give us the feet and inches. And then, we can start creating a line. 

The unit will be the line tool, and you can specify the different types of dimensions by clicking on the number and then the apostrophe. So remember, four apostrophes is four feet, four quotations would be four inches, and it’ll give us a setting that is true to scale.

So you can show the cursor settings, and you can have it set to the midpoint headings like Perpendicular Parallel, what’s nearest. And those are just going to give you guides as you start drawing your lines. If you click “tab”, you can change the angle that is set at. So I’m going to start by clicking the line tool. You can also type line as well, And set the degree. And it will give you that degree when you start drawing your line. Now I can click the eraser tool, and you can begin erasing the different lines. So if I click eraser and I start hovering over the different lines, it’ll erase them.

But I can also click Trim, select the object, select both objects, click TRIM, and then select the extended lines that you want to remove.


Now we’re going to go to the layout. Notice that there’s a highlighted box in the centre of your screen. If you double click inside that screen, you can now change the scale of your drawing. 

So holding the scroll wheel, you can move and lock that scale of your drawing. So right now, it’s at three-eighths seven inch equals one foot. Or minimize the window box, and you can click on the annotate text, multiple texts, and this is where you’re going to add your name, date and class.

Also, try to name the scale as shown, so whatever scale that you’re drawing is at, you need to write scale equals the units, which is three-eighths of an inch equals one foot zero inches (⅜”=1’0″). You can add your dimensions, here I’m adding the dimension, but we need to go into the settings to change the dimensions. So click on manage dimension style. Then click on Modify.

Change the primary unit to architectural. Click OK and click set current, and then close. So now, every time you dimension your object from one endpoint to the next point, it will give you units in feet and inches.

Now click, print and plot. You’re going to change this plot style to monochrome.ctb and then change the printer name to the Adobe PDF. We’re going to print on a scale of one to one. It’s going to be on a sheet of paper, which is eight and a half by eleven, and then click, OK. Now you’re going to name the file and make sure you save it with the assignment one name and enter your scratch drive folder. And now you have your PDF that you can turn into a Google classroom on assignment one. And you can continue to the next assignment, and that’s the end of this AutoCAD lesson.