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The Importance of Case Study Assignment Help for Modern Students

During the study period, scholars get a great number of tasks that help them obtain knowledge, improve their skills, and understand the subject better. 

But in the last decade, the popularity of case study assignment essays has reached its peak. 

Since most students agree that the inductive approach is easier for them, professors assign case study tasks to help students improve their deductive reasoning and begin with the general and end with the specific.

To understand the reasons why students seek out case study assignment help, it’s important to start with the basics and find out more about this assignment type and its role in students’ life.

About The Case Study in Brief

First things first: The case study is an assignment type when the student is given a particular problem, also known as the case, and integrates theoretical and practical knowledge to do analysis and discuss the real issue.

When assigning the case study task, the professor invites students to identify an open-ended problem and the issue and therefore provide multiple potential solutions. More often than not, case study assignments have the form of an essay or a report, but it’s your professor who decides on the assignment form.

There are four main types of case studies:

  1. Pilot (Exploratory): It’s a case study type when researchers start identifying the questions before the main investigation. The exploratory case study helps to find new ideas and theories, so it’s extremely popular in social sciences and psychology.
  1. Illustrative (Explanatory): This case study is a descriptive study as it simply explains the given issue or the phenomenon. Typically, it utilizes several instances of an event to show the situation and its role is to tell readers more about the issue. 
  1. Cumulative: This case study is focused on past studies as it aggregates information from different sources at different times to get a full picture of the given issue.
  1. Critical Instance: This type investigates particular phenomena in detail and focuses on a single occurrence. As a result, it helps to answer the cause and effect questions. It also includes the process of communication.

Despite the great variety of case study types available today, all of these assignments have the same structure, just like in the picture below:

As you can see, a case study assignment requires in-depth knowledge of the subject matter as well as theoretical knowledge of the writing process. At the same time, this assignment isn’t easy, so let’s find out how it helps students obtain knowledge and improve their learning (soft and hard skills).

Why Do Teachers Assign Case Study Writing Tasks?

Theoretical knowledge without practical experience means nothing. To help students explore how what they have learned in class applies to real-world situations, professors assign online case study tasks as they help to:

  • Enhance students’ problem-solving skills: The ability to solve problems is one of the basic life skills all people should have, so it’s no wonder that professors aim at enhancing these skills. With case study assignments, not only do researchers find out the problem and the issue, but they also suggest several solutions which help to improve these skills.
  • Provide students with analytics tools: Every case study assignment requires analysis and it’s the principle method of this task, whether you do market research or analyse a particular case. Thus, working on these homework assignments is one of the best ways to help students discover analytics tools and start using them in real-life situations.
  • Improve the decision-making process in a complex situation: Whether students work individually or in groups, they need to identify the problem behind the case and find the best solution to it. Since students need to come up with a solution, case study assignments encourage students to make the decision faster.

At first blush, case study writing tasks have many benefits for students of all ages and levels. However, many students get stuck with the case study assignments as this type of homework requires much time, effort, and knowledge.

Why Do Students Seek Out Case Study Writing Help?

It’s clear that working on case study assignments can bring much value to your personal and educational growth. However, the demand for case study assignment help is growing which means that more and more students are looking for writing experts who can do this task for them.

Here are the top reasons why students seek case study writing help. Most of these people want to:

  • Get rid of boring tasks. Most students agree that writing assignments are difficult for them. Not only do scholars lack the understanding of a well-written case study task, but they also don’t know how to start writing it. Moreover, an average case study writing assignment has 15-20 pages which means it takes a considerable amount of time and effort. As a result, students start looking for reliable writers who can help them get rid of boring tasks.
  • Keep a work-study-life balance. College life is not just about lectures and writing assignments. It’s full of new friends and opportunities, so most students try to keep a work-study-life balance to enjoy their college years. Thus, they choose to delegate some assignments.
  • Improve college or university grades. Most students are focused on their grades, especially being a student on scholarship. When learners want to improve their grades, they put much time and effort into completing their homework assignments, so the quality of case study writing tasks matters, too. When students want to write a great case study task, they turn to professional writers who have experience in this assignment type.
  • Get a better understanding of case study assignments. All students’ tasks have their requirements and structures, whether working on geography, political, or economical case study, it’s important for students to know how to write the task. When scholars have missed the lecture or haven’t understood what is needed from them, they seek out professional help to make sure their case study assignment is well-organized and great-written.
  • Mix theoretical and practical knowledge. When looking for case study assignment help, not all students want to get the full piece written for them. Some of these scholars have theoretical knowledge and they simply need to find a mentor who can share advice and give tips on writing a  great task. Thus, some students try to find free case study samples on the web to draw inspiration from them.

How to Get Ready for Writing Case Study Assignment Essays

Whether you plan to complete a case study assignment on your own or ask professional writers to do it for you, it’s important to know how to write this type of essay so that it can wow your professor.

No matter what your case study topic idea is, you must go through four main phases when writing the case study essay, from the preparation to the final presentation.

1. Preparation phase: Read the assignment task carefully, pay attention to the details, including the required case study form. Understand the key elements of a case study, read the case study itself, highlight the main problems, and take a look at the given questions.

Before going to the next phase, it’s important to know key elements of the case study as this information can give you an idea of what is expected from you. Here’s a handy infographic that describes the elements as well as how the finished document should look like:

The key to success is to do analysis. First, read the given case and then highlight the main problems. Second, it’s important to do research and the past studies that may have important theoretical knowledge to be used. Once you’ve collected all data, it’s easier to find out which cases are problematic.

2. Practical phase: The next step in preparing your case study assignment is writing itself. To get a better idea of your work, create an outline where you can put the list of potential solutions that can solve the given problem. You also should be ready to recommend the best solution, backing it up with data and stats. When writing the case study, remember that it has all the basic elements of an essay: the introduction, the main body with several paragraphs, and a solid conclusion.

3. Editing phase: Take a look at your case study assignment, read, edit, and proofread it to find typos and grammatical errors. Make sure all references are appropriately cited.