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What is an MBA?

MBA is referred to as Masters of Business Administration. It is one of the most demanding and popular subjects among students. Students are getting enrolled in MBA programs to boost up their careers.

MBA first got introduced in the early 20th century. It includes subjects related to business studies like economics, accounting, marketing, and operation. Nowadays, many students are doing MBA from different disciplines as it is acceptable for students from any department. So, it can easily be said that MBA is a prestigious degree for all.

Though MBA is a specialized degree, it has many elective courses like entrepreneurship, consumer behavior, organizational design, international business, etc. Universities offer thousands of programs all over the world related to MBA degrees. Due to its versatility, it is also known as Management of Business Administration. There are multiple branches of MBA study. A few of them are discussed below:

MBA in Banking and Finance

Nowadays, the banking sector is one of the wealthiest economic sectors all over the world. In-depth knowledge of banking and finance can bring nothing but more prosperity to the economic condition. MBA can play a significant role in this as it deals with financial management and the banking process.

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MBA in Marketing

MBA also plays a vital role in marketing as it will give you marketing knowledge. Marketing is all about researching and implementing new ideas. MBA also teaches you how to think and evaluate a market and what idea to implement. It will teach you various approaching concepts and showcase different products in multiple markets in multiple unique methods.

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MBA in International Business

MBA in international business discusses how to manage a business at the international level. It deals with how to make a strategy and how to execute it at the international level. International business plans get greatly discussed in MBA. Our MBA expert in international business will assist you in understanding this process easily.

MBA in Human Resources

In this department, MBA deals with how we can manage the population and turn them into assets. MBA in human resources is all about the recruitment process, retaining, payroll, and other procedures. It helps one to get information about human resources-related activities like CIPD. You can ask for our expert help to make an excellent assignment on this topic.

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When Should You Ask for Our Expert Assignment Writing Help?

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Who will do My MBA Homework?

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MBA Strategic Human Resource Management

Now, we will be looking at a critical aspect of strategic human resource management. That is:

  1. Job analysis
  2. Design 

For the research that I conducted to make this post, I read countless articles, watched numerous YouTube videos. However, somehow I still couldn’t gauge the concepts about job analysis and design. I then made notes and compared them against each other. That is when I clearly understood the concepts. I’m sure after reading this post, you’ll have a better understanding as well.

Job analysis

Job analysis is a process of study and collecting information relating to the operations and responsibilities of a specific job. During a job application, the information about ownership and responsibilities is compiled by the human resource manager after consulting with the various departments that the job pertains to. For example, if you remember my post for Fiedler’s contingency theory, I state that I worked as a manager at a pizza store during my university days. If I needed to hire a cook, the H.R. manager would conduct a job analysis. The job analysis for the pizza store would be; work long hours, ability to stand for an extended period, Good in interfacing with the customer, neat and clean and appearance, able to work weekend shifts. 

Job design 

Involves systematic attempt to organize tasks, duties, and responsibilities into a unit of work to achieve certain objectives. For the job design, the manager would look at ergonomics such as rubber mats, as cooks have to stand for a long time. The store is well lit, which creates an ambiance that increases positivity during the busy times, clean uniform with lots of aprons at disposal. Hand wash station near the cash register, When the cook handles customers.

Job analysis 

Job analysis can be broken down into job descriptions and job specifications. 

1. Job Description

Let’s roll back to the pizza store example again. The job description can be prepared by conducting job identification, job summary, job duties and responsibilities, work conditions, machine tools and equipment, social environment supervision related to the other jobs. 

2. Job specification 

Job specifications can be prepared by conducting or compiling information about qualifications, experience, physical characteristics, social characteristics. 

Method of collecting data for job analysis

1. Individual method

For the pizza, for example, The H.R. would have a one-on-one discussion with me as a store manager, then the delivery drivers, and then the front staff to find out what sort of responsibility to list for cooks. 

2. Group interview method

The H.R. manager can set up a meeting timing and then meet us in a group setting to provide the required information.

3. Questionnaire method 

The H.R. manager will provide a questionnaire to list the items we seek in a prospective cook. 

4. Technical Conference method 

When the H.R. manager would reach out to the franchise owners if they sought any information about the responsibility of the cook, for example, Believe it or not, there’s a science behind cooking pizza on a stone oven. Although pizza-making might seem straightforward, many things differentiate between a kickass pizza to a usual pizza.

Videos or physical observation 

The H.R. manager could spend time at the store and learn about the responsibilities of a cook or watch videos to list the skills required. I used to work for a company as a quality consultant. The company had a considerable operation providing salads and vegetables to corporations such as Wegmans, McDonald’s, and Dominos. The recently hired CEO was an MIT engineer and had a preference for engineers as well. This company did not do a good analysis and hired engineers as production supervisors. They didn’t do a good job, but they would get hired, and they would quit because they did not like the job. The job had a huge turnover due to this reason. Referring to this example, below is the importance of job analysis.

Importance of job analysis

  • Facilitates proper publicity of the job 
  • Selection of applicable psychological test 
  • Facilitates purposeful interviews
  • Facilitate scientific selection, placement, and orientation – Here’s where job design comes in handy. If the position requires technical competency using job design, training can be set up for a new employee, and your competency can be assessed before starting the job. 
  • Facilitate scientific promotions and transfer. Now let’s revisit job design. 

The factors that affect job design are organization factors, environmental factors, and behavioral factors. 

The primary objective of the organization

  • Increase profitability, 
  • Reduce absenteeism and turnover. Remember, there is a direct correlation between profitability and turnover.
  • Increase performance: the better the employee performance, the more profitable the company. 
  • Greater job satisfaction. The employees will perform well if they’re satisfied with the job. 

Now let’s see how you can tie these into job design to ensure companies increase profitability. You can do this in two types, individual design, and group design. 

Individual Design

  • The work can be simplified by incorporating job rotation. This is to reduce boredom. I encourage you to read about the automotive production line where the jobs are repetitive. To combat boredom, the employees rotate jobs every two hours.
  • Job enlargement. As you get more competent in your job, additional jobs should be added. 
  • Job enrichment. This works on the example of the food company hiring engineers for a production supervisory position. They didn’t feel the job was challenging enough.

Group Design

  • Create work teams. As a Steve Jobs fan, I urge you to watch his video about setting up teams for next, creating high-performance work teams. 
  • Workgroups, I’m fascinated by a company called 3M, they give projects to a group where you can work on your own time. 

I hope you enjoyed this post. And I was able to explain the two concepts clearly.