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A sample Nursing research project

I did a study on the relationships between nurses’ work schedule and adverse patient outcomes, and this was just a review of a bunch of different articles.

And I know that because it says throughout the article how they found two thousand articles, and they only used 22 of them because those are the ones that they felt fitted the best. They used an electronic database to sort through those articles, and they only used some from two thousand to two thousand and nineteen. 

The problem here is how nurses usually work overtime to make up for hours missed because of the nurses’ shortage that we’re going through. To manage these nurse shortages, hospitals usually schedule their nurses’ over time. Most of the time, it’s mandatory, so they can’t get out of it. 

And we can see some of the effects that it can have in this article. They found 67 relationships in 17 articles that had substantial evidence to support the relationship between excess work hours and the adverse nurse outcomes of their patients. They found 21 nurse outcomes that were related to extended hours. Some of those included;

  1. Needlestick injuries, 
  2. Back pain, 
  3. Early burnout, 
  4. Job dissatisfaction, 
  5. Early intent to leave 
  6. And even muscular-skeletal disorders. 

Something surprising was how many different effects this can have and how many other bad outcomes these patients can have just because the nurse is a little tired or a little burnt out.

Daily work hours

Another example is the daily work hours. Here the article says that five studies found that when working more than 12 or 12 and a half hours a day, there were increased outcomes of;

  • Poor quality of nursing care, 
  • Poor patient safety errors, 
  • Patient dissatisfaction, 
  • And even the increased mortality rate from pneumonia. 

Interestingly, the article says working for eight hours didn’t have a significant relationship with the adverse patient outcomes, meaning that nothing super wrong happened. There was no record of these adverse outcomes occurring when these nurses weren’t overworked. It just says that voluntary overtime increased patient falls, pressure ulcers and medication errors. So still bad things happen, but not as bad of outcomes. And I think that’s because the overtime was voluntary. You know, they weren’t like having to do it here. 

Weekly work hours and monthly work hours

The article says, again, working more than 40 hours a week had the following effects;

  • Increased medication errors, 
  • Nosocomial infections, 
  • Falls with injuries and errors,
  • Increased visual in ulcer’s
  • Urinary tract infections, 
  • Catheter-associated urinary tract infections, 
  • Increased emergency department visits, 
  • Poor patient safety, 
  • Poor quality of nursing care.
  • More communication errors, 
  • More errors in identifying patients, 
  • More patient complaints, 
  • And then more errors overall. 

And this was mandatory overtime, so it’s not voluntary. So these nurses are overworked. They’re tired, and they don’t want to because they have difficulty focusing on what they should be doing. The article says that these long work hours can affect nurses themselves, resulting in more chronic nurse shortages and even developing chronic fatigue. The article also says that nurses working overtime might become fatigued and experience reduced alertness, resulting in an adverse patient outcome because they are tired and overworked. They can’t focus as well as they should be. 

These two examples are just examples that I found that I think are interesting. They did a sample of infants in the NICU, about two thousand infants concerning the overtime nurses worked. They found that it had more health care, associated infections, and medical incidents. They have one where they did a sample of nurses who worked overtime, and it caused more patient safety errors, medication errors and falls with injuries.