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professional assignment writers

Assignment writing is a great way to earn a little extra money, but if you want to use that time to your advantage, you should take a look at our assignments. We work with students from all over the country, so we know you’ll be satisfied. Our orders are on timescales that meet your needs and we work with you until you’re finished. Our writers are professionals who make sure your assignments come out perfect.

Professional Assignment writers

Don’t have time to do the assignment you must complete within 24 hours time limit? Do you have plans or family programs that you must attend, and there is no way you can complete the assignment on time! On the other hand, you may have no single idea about the topic even if you have time. What can you do in that case? 

You can avoid all your frustrations, anxiety, or headache if someone else does it for you. There are many ways or a lot of sites that may do the job, but most of them don’t have the skill or professional writers to help you. Sometimes these sites charge a lot of money and just give you copied homework that is plagiarized and can be detected by plagiarism detectors. And as we all know, plagiarism is an academic crime.

So, what you need is a professional community with experts on each major topic like marketing, programming, math, economics, biology, electromagnetism, chemistry, physics, law, and many others.

Assign U has got most professional experts in each field of studies stated. They have the academic and practical knowledge on each topic, and they can help you complete any kind of help you need with your homework and explain them. No matter how complex your problem is, we have the right person fit for the job.

If you want to learn or understand in-depth knowledge of a topic or subject, you can get our help without any hesitation. You can even ask for assignment samples from our experts to be assured of our capability.

Assign U is also available for emergency help. If you are running out of time and need to submit an assignment within one or two days and need professional service, we will also help you with our expert writers. All you need to do is contact us, rest you give them to us. We are available 24×7 at your service.

What services can you get from Assign U professionals?

Assign U is a website form where you can get all major subjects homework help students to face. We cover a wide variety of topics, including extended subtopics which you can select and order us to set the time limit in which the assignment you have to submit. You can state your subject and the type and the level of study you are in to understand how detailed the assignment should be at your level.

And all of this you can manage in no time. Just submit the request to do your essential works, and we will do the assignment for you in due time. And after that, you can consult with our professionals about the assignment and understand the topics you aren’t clear about to present it. 

Now let’s see in-depth how our professionals can help you in each category of subjects:-

Professional writers for marketing assignment

Assign U can help you with real and researched marketing assignment help. Our experts from various renowned marketing disciplines can understand the most complex topics and simplify you. Our professional assignment writers can also solve deep topics that need theoretical knowledge and a clear and deep understanding of the topic.

We cover most topics of the Marketing assignment. For example

Professional writers for Economics Assignment 

Economics is the most tricky subject in business studies. Some topics are tough to understand but rewarding for increasing grades if you can complete the assignment with unique and logical explanations. We have professionals who can provide economics assignment help. We can help you understand and complete your project on various economics topics, including but not limited to,

Professional writers for Law Assignment 

Inside Law sector, there are vast variations of law that differ from country to country. But sometimes, teachers may give confusing creative assignments that you cant figure out overnight. Also, you may not have time to search bulky books or surf the web for hours for the solution. But with Assign U, your life becomes more accessible.

We provide expert law assignment help provided by law professionals. These professionals worked in real life and also have profound academic knowledge about the law that you can enable in almost no time from our website. The topics are not limited but for your idea what our expert can cover some issues are given below:-

  • Business Law
  • Corporate Law
  • Admiralty law
  • Civil rights law
  • Environmental law
  • The constitution
  • Statutory law
  • Also, many kinds of common law

Professional writers for math Assignment 

We all fear mathematics, don’t we! No matter how good you are, if you make a single mistake in huge math, the real math can be wrong. But it is exciting as well as challenging. And the point to be noted that the problems can be twisted in any form the teacher wants. So you may be stuck with your homework anytime and be frustrated. We have math professionals who can understand any of your problems and can help you to complete your horror movie-like task expertly without making you worried. 

We provide math assignment help on various topics including,

Professional writers for Biology Assignment 

Welcome to the land of complex scientific names and figures that will mess up your head if you can’t draw them correctly. Yes, we tried to remove a cell, but sometimes it looks like a shopping bag instead! You do want to get good grades and submit a cell figure instead of the shopping bag, don’t you? Yes, for that, we have many professional assignment writers to solve this problem. 

From our biology assignment help categories, you can find the topic you want and choose from.

Professional writers for Chemistry Assignment 

Chemistry can be complex as it has millions of combinations of reactions that can blow up your mind. Even studying for a long time may not be enough for completing a difficult reaction assignment if you can’t understand the root, which needs an expert to solve. But on our website, our expert may assist you with this.

You can get accurate chemistry assignment help for success in your result better than ever.

We can assist you in different chemistry topics including,

  • Atomic Structure
  • Biochemistry
  • Chemical Bonding
  • Periodic Table
  • Thermochemistry
  • Electrochemistry, etc.

Professional writers for Physics Assignment 

Physics is an exciting subject to explore, but its mathematical terms creative problems sometimes may be tough to solve. Assign U is a lifesaver in this case. This site consists of experts and professionals who can help you with any topic and maths of physics.

Therefore, you will find perfect help in science subjects, including physics. Our physics assignment help service offers help on various topics and more!

Professional writers for Programming Assignment

The world of programming is vast. There is a lot of famous and widely used language that is tough to learn and implement in a real-life project. There are C programming, C++, Java, Python, database, Matlab, etc. These languages are so useful to programmers, web designers, game developers, and any kind of developers. But when it comes to passing the grade, some good coders also can’t pass them because of the lackings of theoretical knowledge.

Our programming professionals can help to solve any complex problem, which includes

Professional writers for History Assignment

History is an important and vast subject with a lot of dates and times and events and specific symbols. You may think it is easy to search it in google and write the first thing that comes into the search result. But never ever do that! History is sometimes written by different people who don’t even know the events, so writing their works may be the cause of your failure in the exam or assignment. History teacher likes their assignment to be free from any fake information. They want the most correct one. So our history professionals can definitely help you to put the most accurate information in your assignment.

You can surely try history assignment help from our website to see the rise in your grade.

Professional writers for Geography Assignment 

Geography is a topic that mainly discusses the structure of everything which is nonliving on the earth. It is an exciting subject to research about and read. But there are some complex elements in subsectors of geography like physical geography, Biogeography, climate geography, Meteorology, Coastal, and environmental geography, Geomorphology, etc.

You can get geography assignment help from our experts to complete your assignments on time.

Professional writers for SPSS Assignment 

SPSS is a statistics software that manages your data and is used for social and statistical data analysis. You can find thousands of tutorials for SPSS, but without the deep knowledge of SPSS, you cant solve challenging problems that require higher programming knowledge. But on our site, you can find experts who can save your life and professionally handles your homework. 

If you need any help with SPSS assignments, you can contact our expert assignment writers for top-notch SPSS assignment help.

These are some of our expert areas, but we have a vast choice of subjects, and you can contact us if you need help outside the topics on the site. You can contact our customer service to more about us. We are available 24×7, so feel free to knock us anytime you want. Our experts are always ready to help how you want when you want. Even you’ll get a detailed explanation of each assignment if you wish. 

How Can Assign U professionals Assist Me?

Assign U is a trustworthy writing service provider that helps students complete their assignments and homework on time. You can take our service to get your assignments done by our professional and expert writers. We are famous for our service to students. You check our qualities in the below:

Professional Writers near your hand

We have many professional writers who are experts in assignment and homework writing. They can assist you to the fullest as they are experts in these fields. You can get world-class writing and explanation in the lowest time possible near your hand! Isn’t that amazing.

Delivery on schedule 

We are available 24×7 with our help for you. You can select the time you want your assignment, and you’ll get the assignment in due time. If your want it in 24 hours, that is also an option. We are a fully dedicated team for your cause. 

Plagiarism Checked homework

As you all know, plagiarism is an academic crime that can be a cause of academic punishment and can cause failure in the course. Our experts write plagiarism-free assignments which are unique and on the topic as you demand. You don’t have to worry about it. We will handle this for you.

Save your bucks!

We provide services at affordable prices. You can order your assignment without worrying about emptying your pocket and get quality works on our site.

Sample Work

You can check assignment samples so that you can understand the quality and the type of assignment you will get. We are confident about our work as we have professionals who solve the assignments and also check the assignments for grammatical errors and plagiarism. 

Why Choose Assign U for Help with My Assignment?

Assign U helps students to get relief from assignments and remain stress-free. We guarantee high-quality, one-of-a-kind, and accurate assignments. We always do our best not to disappoint our clients. We never compromise on the quality of an assignment because it is so vital to a student.

Some of the reasons why we can be your assignment writing service are listed below.

Genuine Assignment Copy

Plagiarism is a type of dishonesty that can result in a severe loss in your grade. It will ruin your image in front of your instructor and result in a failing grade on your academic records. We understand how difficult it is to create an authentic and error-free assignment.

If you are tired of looking for a unique copy of your assignment, Assign U can help you get one. Moreover, to avoid any accidental plagiarism, we do many online plagiarism checks to make your homework unique.

Grammatically corrected

We also have authors who are fluent in English. The majority of them are fluent in English. They have also graduated from top universities where English is also used as a medium of instruction. As a result, there is a very minimal probability that your assignment will contain any grammatical problems. Nonetheless, we perform online grammar checks to ensure that there are no grammatical issues.

Delivery on schedule

We are pretty particular about sticking to our deadlines. We always complete our projects on schedule. Furthermore, if you require an emergency delivery, while we do not exceed our deadline, we also do not allow our clients to miss any deadlines for submitting their work. As a result, you can rely on us to complete your assignment on time while never compromising the work’s quality.

Revisions free of cost

If any adjustments are required in the assignment, we provide free revisions to our clients. You have the option of requesting a portion of your assignment. By doing so, you will be able to make any necessary modifications before you miss your deadline.

Privacy Protection

We respect our clients’ privacy, which is why we never reveal our clients’ identities to anyone, even after your task is over. You may be confident that your information will not be shared with anyone.

Budget-Friendly Deal

We know how precious a student’s money is. Therefore, we request our clients to pay a minimal and comfortable price for an entire contract. We doubt that for such quality work you will find another better deal than us.

Guarantee for your cost

We always strive to provide our clients with first-rate services and assignments. You can find more information about this in our review section. However, if you find any anomalies between our work and the claims we make, we offer a money-back guarantee in such cases. But that will almost certainly be a one-time occurrence, as we never compromise on the quality of our work. As a result, you can rely on us for expert assignment assistance.

Hiring a professional homework Helper

Finding a person who knows the topic you are searching for may not be challenging, but if they have real expertise in this area or can help with your homework may be a gamble. But in Assign U, we have experts who can understand your problem and help with precisely what you need and when you need it, so you never miss your deadline. Let’s learn some everyday things that you have to remember before hiring a professional.

Adequate Qualification

To complete homework, one needs profound knowledge of specific topics. They have to know the basics and how they should write the topic. If their study field is matched or they have degrees from renowned varsity, it is a high possibility that he/she can help with your complex problems too. So it is necessary to be careful about this aspect. 

Briefly Explain the homework Requirement.

Before you ask for online assignment help, specify your requirements. If you partially explain your conditions and later find out that he can’t support you with the later ones, you can get into some problems. So, once you find your match, you can hire him to complete your python homework for you.

Assign U can help you by fulfilling all your requirements at a low cost. We provide an experienced online homework helper who has a degree in the related field from renowned institutions. We can assure you that you will get the best support from us at a low cost, and that is also without compromising the quality of your assignment.


Do You Provide Assistance for project or thesis Writing?

Yes, we do more than only write assignments for high school and college students. We also offer experienced thesis writing assistance to Masters and MBA students. For a fair fee, we can assist you in writing high-quality, plagiarism-free projects.

How Much is the Cost of professional Assignment help?

It is determined by a variety of elements, including the topic, length, and deadline of the assignments. However, you may use our calculator to receive a quick estimate of the expenditures involved. You are welcome to contact us for a complete estimate.

Who will be Doing My Assignment?

Assign U consists of a community of STEM enthusiasts with profound knowledge and understanding of STEM subjects.  We also have many expert assignment writers in different fields who have in-depth knowledge of their work.

Moreover, we screen our writers based on their qualifications and experience to make sure your assignment is in a good hand. So, you can rest assured about the quality.

How Can Assign U Help Me Improve the quality of the homework? 

A well-written homework assignment with logical material and no plagiarism ensures that it will be successful in achieving better results. Many sites write random things, copy-paste, and grab a lot of money from you, but in the end, you get no credit for doing so, even if you fail.

On the other hand, Assign U has experts in most of the major fields with profound knowledge on a topic and can help precisely with what you may need. You can trust us with your homework and assignment and choose the correct expert so you can get a boost in your grade. 

Essay Writing Services 

I have 2000 word essays, complete with quotations and references, ready to be handed in at a college or university for marking. It’s estimated that it would take a student a whole week of work and research to write one of these, or it could be bought for a couple of hundred pounds handed in his original work. Someone could fake their way to a qualification. Those Cheat’s could be getting jobs they don’t deserve. This is what taking a degree is supposed to look like, hours of dedicated study, afternoons spent in the university library. But now there’s a booming industry of websites where instead of students writing their essays, they can buy them. The Birmingham City University computing lecturers Thomas Lancaster and Bob Clark have for years been researching the growth of a phenomenon they call contract cheating.

Contract cheating is where a student uses a third party to produce original work for them. And one of the main ways they do that is by using online companies called Essay Mills. To show us the scale of the problem, Thomas is logging on. He’s just typed in essay help, and this whole first page is just filled with adverts, essay writing companies.

These so-called essay mills sell bespoke made-to-order essays on any subject written by their researchers. If I click through to one of these services, all kinds of work can be delivered here, everything from essays to coursework, even up to a full research proposal or dissertation. You could even get this done with a three-hour service. Perfect, if you’ve left your work to the last minute.

The websites say their essays are meant to help students with their research. They also promised strict confidentiality. And Thomas says their real purpose is obvious. They’re providing students with fake coursework, which they’ll hand in as if it’s their own work. Many students have been caught doing it. Thomas believes many more are going undetected.

Getting someone else to write your essay for you dates back to the 50s and 60s when they used to be adverts in the back of newspapers. But it’s ballooned with the growth of the Internet. The ease with which students can cheat is impressive. So how easy do essay mills make it for students to fake their coursework? To find out, we’re joining one of Thomas’s computer science classes, and they’ve been set an essay to write.

It’s an assignment where students have to write a review of academic literature. So it’s quite challenging. It involves a lot of reading, putting together information, synthesizing it, identifying and critiquing themes. We’d expect students to put in about 45 hours of effort to get a good mark on that assignment.

Alongside the actual students., this assignment is also going to be completed by our researcher. She doesn’t know anything at all about computing. She’s unlikely to get an excellent mark, at least not without the help of one of the UK’s largest essay mills sites, UK essays.

Uk essay says it can provide us with a completely original bespoke assignment in less than a day that we’re in no hurry. We opt for a week-long turnaround. So a 2000 word essay for 275 pounds within a week. It arrives in just three days, and we give it to Thomas Lancaster to Mark.

It certainly meets the style and format we’d expect from a review from one of our students, references all up to date. So there are sources in 2015, and the themes are well-reviewed and have an excellent writing style. The conclusion is a little bit short and limited. So there’s more work that could have been done on that section. And the verdict I’d see is the mark of 65 percent, which is a 2:1.

Just as UK essays had promised, what’s more, Thomas says there’s no way he’d be able to tell the coursework was fake. There’s nothing that stands out as being wrong with this essay. It’s well written. It matches what we asked for in the assignment brief, and it’s written in UK English. So there’s nothing that stands out to me that says a third party has written this.

The rest of the class has also completed the essay, only in their case using a hard graft. So what do they make of our fake coursework and the website that provided it? Up about 100 hours into the essay? So the fact that someone could go out and buy it disgusts me. It’s not fair on the students that put the effort in. What’s the point in being at a university if you’re not going to apply yourself and earn your degree. The fact that people can go online and buy these essays is kind of disgraceful because it devalues my degree.

A sentiment echoed by the teachers that students are getting an award which they’re not entitled to. They haven’t done their own work. They haven’t gone through all the hard sweat and slog needed to get a university degree. And students are then applying for jobs, which they have no business applying for. Let’s imagine you’re treated by a nurse who’s cheated their way through their degree course. What if they prescribe you the wrong medication?

So how do these essay mills sites get away with it? The answer is that they say the essays they sell. I never meant to be handed in their model answers designed to help students with their research. Daniel Dennett is the customer care manager at UK Essays, the company we bought our site from. He said they are not helping students cheat. That they’re here as a learning guide, a learning tool to help students get the very best out of university. We can do the research for them, but they still need to read it, understand it, and still produce their work from that. Ours is only a guide model answer. We’re just putting a number of thoughts across on one particular essay,

Not many students are going to go out there and pay for work and then do nothing else with it because universities provide plenty of model essays and support already. And there’s another question. What exactly are you doing to stop students from using their essays as their own fake coursework?

We can’t guarantee that they won’t hand the work in from speaking to the customers over the last eight years. I know for a fact that a majority of our customers do use the work correctly, that if one of our agents on the phone fully understands when they’re talking to the customer and they say to us, I’m going to hand the work in, then as a company we won’t help them.

But many essay mill companies turn a blind eye to cheating. Our imaginary student contacted ten of them to find out what they’d say if she made it perfectly clear she planned to hand in their essay as her own. Three said they didn’t recommend that we hand the work in but made it clear they wouldn’t stop us.

No one knows just how many students are faking their coursework, but it’s clear the problem is rife. Hearing that essay writing services were being openly advertised outside university buildings in London. We sent our researcher to take a look. And sure enough, flyer after flyer posted by writers offering coursework for cash. Back at Birmingham City University, lecturers Thomas Lancaster and Bob Clark have taken matters into their own hands, gathering as much evidence as possible about the scale of the epidemic. Bob even spends hours monitoring websites looking for any clues to identify students that are cheating. And in five years, he’s personally reported 1000 students across the world to their universities. For students contemplating handing in a piece of fake coursework, He has one simple piece of advice. Don’t do it. You’re only cheating yourself, and you’re cheating your friends.

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