SCDL is a teaching degree which helps you develop the talent of teaching. This is a popular degree for a top management companies in UK and USA, especially in the UK where this degree is not popular. However, the demand for this degree is still increasing.

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SCDL Online Assignment

In this post, we are going to share practical tips for online students. If you’re interested in distance learning or are already pursuing an online program, I hope to cover all of your questions and doubts in this post. 

  1. Is distance learning for you?

I realized that the people that are the most successful at online classes have three things that they kind of share in common: 

  • They are self-motivated 
  • They are very disciplined
  • They are studying something that they want to study and something that they like to study. 

To give you an example, if you want to take an online class, let’s say, for cognition or perception, something that is quite difficult. You’re not particularly interested in it just because you’re too lazy to go to class, because the class is at 7:30 in the morning, and you’re like, I’ll stay the online class version to sleep in a little bit. Chances are you won’t feel motivated to keep up with the lectures and homework because you don’t have that extra push from a physical, living, breathing entity to push you to do a heavy course. 

  1. The Legit Talk

Is the organization or the online website offering this online course or program legit, a.k.a. Are they accredited, are they legitimate? Most importantly, will the class or the program you’re taking be recognized where you want to practice that profession or work in that field? For example, if you want to do your MBA on an online website from the U.K., but you want to practice and work in Denmark, let’s say, will Denmark recognize your diploma or your certificate as the same level as what they offered their students over there? So make sure you seriously do your research before you spend the time, energy, and effort into pursuing said class or program.

  1. Student Support Services

This point is mainly overlooked and ignored by a lot of people. I cannot tell you how many times I did an online course, and I had so many I.T. problems like I couldn’t access the student portal, I couldn’t get the PDF to download. The recordings were off. There was no hotline or guaranteed email or not to call in case you experienced some technical difficulties or just if you needed some like teaching or extra help or tutoring because you found the subject too hard. So definitely check that aspect out of your online program or that website or university that offers the online course. How well or how nice are their support services. 

  1. The Price/Quality Dilemma 

For many, there are financial advantages to taking online courses, such as saving money on housing, traveling, sleeping, and packing a lunch to go to the set class. But you have to be careful when going too low with online courses. I know they tend to be less expensive because the tuition fee is often completely scratched off. You have to pay attention and be careful. It’s going too cheap. I found an excellent article to help you with this. It’s called Five ways to tell if an online degree is of high quality. So it’s kind of like a checklist and make sure you check that out before you pick a course that might be too cheap. It looks good, but maybe it’s not accredited, perhaps it’s not recognized, and maybe it’s not the quality education and information you want to take out of it. 

  1. The Digital Learning Environment

This has a significant impact on how well you will like the course and how well you will do in a classroom. For example, I’ve taken online classes where you can see the professor in front of the screen. So you see, the professor, you kind of have that class vibe. However, there’s a lot of online courses where, for example, there’s no voiceover, just a bunch of PowerPoint slides, a bunch of PDF articles. And a book that you have to read, which for someone that is very visual, is not my thing. I prefer to either hear a voice explaining the slides or have a presence, like seeing a teacher and whatnot. So judge your learning style, learning preferences before you pick a class. 

  1. E-Textbooks. 

I’ve read several articles stating that there has been a significant observable difference in students that learn via tangible textbooks versus students that use electronic devices or read off of computers, et cetera, et cetera, and how both of those perform on an exam. If you don’t believe me, you can do the research yourself. But paper rules, electronics, a personal tip, if you can, is to turn the e-textbooks into something tangible. That way, when you have to study for your exam, you don’t have to open your computer, a.k.a. more distractions because the Internet is right there. You have the paper notes with you. You can sit on a couch or at your desk and just read that. 

  1. Balancing Work and Studies

The chances are that most people who take online courses or online programs are because they don’t have time to go to school. So if you have a full-time job like me and night classes aren’t something that interests you, online courses and online programs might be a cool alternative. However, it’s a bit difficult. And keep in mind that even if the classes aren’t online, you still have to do the work. Actually, in my opinion, you have to do more work because you can’t just say, well, I’ve been to class. You have to kind of push yourself and fit the class and the workload in your already tight schedule without someone doing it for you. It’s kind of complex to talk about.

  1. The Motivational Track 

This one is a doozy. When there’s no one to set deadlines for you, or there’s no one to tell you will each Monday, you have to listen to a class. You can fall deep, deep, deep down the rabbit hole that’s called procrastination and end up listening to all your courses and doing all your homework and all your lectures at the last minute. Don’t fall into this trap. My best advice is to stick to a schedule, not a too detailed schedule but stick to a schedule. And something that has helped me tremendously with online classes is to give yourself earlier deadlines and respect them. In case something happens, you’re safe. And also, it pushes you to be more in it to win it. 

  1. Routine Building

Another danger of online courses or online programs is that you don’t have a routine set up for you, so you don’t have to go. Every Monday to class, I said sit in a specifically designated place and do that work. You have to create habits and routines by yourself. A tip that I highly encourage you. Something that has helped me is to dedicate a place in your house to associate it with that class or that program you’re doing. 

  1. Workspace

This is kind of linked with my previous point. But again, it’s all about creating an environment of study, which you will not have when you take online courses or engage in distance learning. You can fabricate a classroom, close the door, allocate a certain amount of time in a workspace, a work environment to get you into the mood and act as a study trigger.