Most business owners are aware that a website can be a powerful tool for advertising and promotion, but just a few realize that it can also be a useful tool for attracting and engaging customers. A website can be much more than a place to put your business’ hours and address. A website should be designed to support the perceived needs of your target audience, whether you run a Fortune 500 company or a one-person business.

Website Design Assignment Help

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What is Web Design?

Web design typically consists of planning and creating the structure and visual presentation of the websites. It deals with the user interface, the layout of the site, color, imagery, fonts, etc. It generally creates an attractive structure of the website that makes a good impression on the visitor. Web design also features mobile applications, web applications with AngularJS, and designing content too.  

Web design set up a pleasing and inviting environment in the website for the visitor to get the best UI experience. It includes all the functions of the websites with an aesthetic look. Usually, web designing is done using HTML, CSS, JS, Photoshop, Illustrator, Web Accessibility, Typography, etc.

It’s a process of incorporating different tools and knowledge of web designing and graphics concepts.  Moreover, it combines different disciplines and skills to produce and maintain the websites. So, a well-organized assignment for web design requires both time and effort. 

Technologies Used for Web Designing

A vast amount of knowledge in various tools is needed for designing an attractive website. One can’t do it by knowing only any one topic or tool. Typically, web designers create web-formatted imagery by using both vector and raster graphics.

However, you need not worry as we have web designing assignment experts and writers in Assign U who possess a thorough understanding of all the tools that are needed for web design assignment projects. For web designing assignment help, we use a lot of technologies, such as,

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JS
  • Photoshop
  • Color
  • Web Standards
  • Flash
  • Illustrator
  • Theory
  • Fireworks
  • Typography
  • Web Accessibility
  • PHP
  • WordPress
  • JAVA
  • ASP
  • MySQL
  • Joomla
  • Access

Understanding Different Web Design Elements

Web page design assignment is a complicated process that has a lot of elements. Understanding the elements of web design is necessary to create a high-quality assignment for web design. The different essential features that are used in web designing assignment are:


The graphics, texts, and overall contents of your web page design assignment have to be organized and arranged in an orderly manner. The layout does that. A visitor can find the information he/she needs with the help of layout, without wasting much time.  


Typically, the decision of color choices rests with the client. It can be simple colors such as black, white, etc., or can be a more colorful design. As it is one of the most critical elements in web designing, our web designing assignment helps experts also help students to decide the appropriate colors for their web pages.


Appropriate uses of fonts can improve the visibility of the page. It should go with the color scheme, images, graphics and enhance the overall design of the website. Also, there is a limit of web-safe fonts a web designer can use. 


It generally deals with incorporating logos, pictures, symbols, clipart that improves the quality of the website structure. It makes the web pages more engaging and good-looking. Our experts can guide students to utilize various techniques to appropriately use the graphics in the web pages. 


The content of the web pages should be clear and useful, and not confusing for the visitors. The text should complement the graphics and images of the web page design assignment and create a balance between these elements. 

Why is Web Design Important?

Web design is the visual representation of the website. It helps in creating a strong impression in the visitor’s mind about your website. As people are typically drawn to good visuals, it is important to have a great design for your website. If the website is poorly designed, then it has a good chance that users will stop using the website. 

It affects how a visitor sees your brand. Either they will feel interested and learn more about the brand or leave the webpage. Studies showed that 75% of users judge the business or company based on only the visual design (Source).

When a user sees an outdated looking badly designed website, it will immediately raise questions about the services, products of that company in the user’s mind.  If the content and layout of the website are not well structured and visually appropriate, it will also lose the viewer’s interest.

That’s why using all the elements of web designing, such as layout, color, graphics, etc., properly to create an attractive website matters very much.

When Should I Request for Website Design Assignment Help?

There are several situations when a student needs web design assignment help. For example:

  • When the student doesn’t have enough time to complete the web design assignment project in time.
  • If the topic is unfamiliar for the student and the time is also less for understanding the topic. 
  • If the topic is too hard and complicated for the student to do it by himself/herself.
  • When the student wishes to get good grades on the subject by submitting a high-quality responsive web design assignment.
  • If the student has other important work to do than doing the assignment.
  • When the student only wishes to pass the class and is not concerned with the assignment. 

How to Hire a Helper for Web Designing Assignment?

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What Type of Web Design Assignment Can You Help Me with?

There are a lot of topics in web designing. Assign U can help you with every web designing topic for your assignment help. Be it web design assignment writing or making web pages, you can take help from us. We have a skilled and creative team of helpers that excels in different types of web designing. Given below are some of the topics that we cover:

  • Static Web Designing 
  • Dynamic Web Designing
  • Flash Web Designing 
  • Website Redesigning 
  • CMS Web Designing 
  • HTML Web Page Design Assignment
  • Mobile Website Designing
  • E-commerce Website Designing
  • Interface Design Assignment
  • Content Alignment
  • Authoring of Web Pages
  • Corporate Website Designing 
  • WordPress Alignments  

What is the Difference between Web Designing and Web Development?

Generally, many people get confused between web designing and web development. It is not that same work and has several differences between them. 

Web DesigningWeb Development
Deals with the presentation and layout of the website.Deals with the internal architecture of the website.
Usually, HTML, CSS, JS, Illustrator, Photoshop, typography, etc. tools are used.Usually, Java, C++, Net, SQL, XML, Database application, etc. tools are used.
It focuses more on the visual appeal of the website.It focuses more on the user interface experience of the website.
It deals with the style of the shown contents.It deals with how to show the contents.
It graphically designs the website structure.It develops user interfaces using programming languages.

How Can You Ensure the Authenticity of My Web Design Assignment?

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In the early days of the Web, developers had to rely on a combination of their text editor and the view source window, which helped them to see what their code was doing in the browser. While still an easy way to look at and edit Web pages, there are easier ways to do it. With Firebug, a quick presser menu action is all you need to inspect elements on the page. Elements are arranged in a tree and can navigate elements with the cursor keys or the mouse. It helps to find what you’re looking for easily. The HTML status bar shows you where you are in your document and will even allow you to copy the XPath to pinpoint this location later. 

Side Panels

Side panels include the style panel, which shows you which styles were inherited from different selectors and elements. The computed panel shows the browser’s computed version of your CSS. The layout panel shows detailed positioning information about the element. And the last DOM sub-panel shows the JavaScript properties or the selected HTML element in the HTML panel.

There are two main ways to open Firebug: Firebug icon on the Firefox status bar and the F12 key on your keyboard. When you’re done, you can close it using the off button on the far right side of the tool strip. 

The other two buttons in this area are the minimize button and the detach window button. Minimize is useful if you want to maximize the available viewing area but still want to receive console messages, network traffic, or breakpoints. The firebug icon shows Orange indicating that it’s minimized. Detaching the window lets you debug the page you’re viewing at a separate window. 

Now, a quick tour of some of the other interface features and Firebug, the bug icon menu in the top left of the firebug client area as shown,

Website Design Assignment

Contains mechanisms for opening firebug and new windows, setting global options, keyboard shortcuts, and turning on accessibility. It also contains quick links to online documentation and various resources from the Get website. Next to the bug menu is the inspect button, used to bring up the inspector. A pause button beside that helps debug different Web page behaviors. More on that momentarily. The taps to the right of the pause button contain panels for each of the major areas of Firebug. Inside the Tab’s small triangle indicates that a mini menu is available, having further options specific to the selected tap.

Console Tab

The console tab provides a way for your webpage to produce debugging information for you to interact with. It also indicates when you’ve encountered an error and allows you to enter the debugger. Pressing the pause button on the console is activated. It enables a break on errors when an error is encountered on the Web page, and you’ll be taken to the debugger with a breakpoint set. Besides, the console provides an interactive JavaScript command line for executing bits of code.

You can expand the command line for entering longer multiline code fragments. Command-line also includes a convenient shortcut, features that allow you to quickly gain access to HTML elements or tags or get access to an object with an XPath query. You can run it using the run button, which shows up in the console, which you can select, bringing you back to the HDMI panel. 

Profile Button

Another helpful feature in the console is the profile button. This allows you to measure where your JavaScript is spending the most execution time. Clicking it again generates the table and all the timing information sorted by percentage. Script panel is where you can debug JavaScript interactively. The tool strip at the top of the panel lets you select a source file from the files dropdown. You may have to reload your Web page to get all of the files if you’ve opened Firebug after the page has finished. 


With a script selected, you can set a breakpoint inside any function, and Firebug will stop when the JavaScript interpreter reaches that line. Once you’re in a breakpoint, the watch sub-panel shows all the variables defined in your current scope. Here you can sit and watch expressions and break when your expression evaluates to true. You can achieve a similar result by right-clicking on the breakpoint and selecting a set conditional breakpoint. 

When you’re at a breakpoint, you can step into a function on the current line. Step over the current line, run to return. Or press continue. In the script panel, the pause button behaves as a break on the next feature. When set, Firebug will stop JavaScript execution on the next function call the interpreter sees. This can be useful for determining what bit of code is firing when you interact with something on the page. 

The net panel shows the running time of all requests on a Web page and the amount of time it takes to respond. Each line is broken down into phases to see their individual timings if you hover a little over the line. Selecting a line and expanding it with the twisty arrow on the left lets you see the individual request and response headers and the response itself in any cash information if available. Many on the Net panel allow you to disable the browser cache entirely if you’re interested strictly in the network performance. The responses, JSON data, you’ll see that formatted nicely in a separate tab. The pause button on the net panel will break on a New HTTP request and bring you to the script panel, allowing you to see where the request came from and debug it as you would any other JavaScript. This concludes our short introduction. These are only some of the features available in this powerful development tool.