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The Rise of eLearning in 2019 (Proved by Statistics)

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The famous Italian artist Michelangelo once said: “I’m still learning.” This means that the learning process is a never-ending journey if a person wants to keep on growing. Thus, it’s no wonder not only students but also workers pay attention to learning and development (L&D).

The concept of eLearning isn’t new. The history of online education dates back to 1924 when the first testing machine was invented. It was the first device that allowed students to test themselves in a classroom.

However, a lot has changed since then: there’s no need to go to college and attend lessons to study subjects, gain knowledge, master skills, and discuss course-related matters. In plain English, physical presence doesn’t matter anymore. In 2019, everything you need to study is at your fingertips: gadgets and connectivity.

What is more important,[pullquote]the new generation is here: colleges, universities, and companies should be ready for Gen Z, tech natives who use their devices every day.[/pullquote]

So, isn’t it the rise of eLearning? If you’re unpersuaded by the above-mentioned ideas, also recall facts and statistics.

Here’s the list of eLearning facts and statistics everyone should know in 2019:

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Read More »The Rise of eLearning in 2019 (Proved by Statistics)