You have a math test tomorrow, but you have studied nothing yet. Well, you’ve been trying to hit the books for the last 5 hours, but it’s all for naught. You still can’t understand the difference between Volterra equations of the first and of the second kind even though you read the material 5 times in a row.

Why does it happen? Why can’t you stay focused?

Here’s the big secret: you haven’t unlocked your brain potential yet.

Keeping your brain in shape is a must. If you know how to improve cognitive skills, you can process new information better and study faster.

Obviously, professionals can help you do your homework so that you will deepen knowledge and understanding of the subject. However, increasing brain power is a proven way to learn new things faster, stay focused, become productive, and boost creativity to think outside the box. And believe it or not, your workplace organization can help you a lot.

In fact, college students spend 3.5 hours engaged in educational activities after school, and it’s not surprising that the workplace plays a key role in the learning process. To make the most out of your workplace, it’s essential to create a stimulating environment around you – even choosing the right lighting matters.

Since most people perceive visual information better (and the popularity of Node Red among programmers proves it), I’ve crafted an infographic on how to increase brain power at the workplace so that you can save, share and use later.

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So, are you ready to create a better workplace environment and increase your brain power? Yay!

You’re welcome to read the step-by-step guide to turning your learning area into a perfect corner that helps to study faster and better.

Here’s how to organize your workplace step by step:

1. Pay Attention to Design and Physical Work Environment

There’s the correlation between the interior design and your performance. It’s scientifically proven that environmental ergonomics in the workplace matters. When it comes to planning your workplace organization, the first step is to design a stimulating environment.


Once you know the best colors for productivity and focus in your workplace, you can affect the learning process without putting much effort.

  • Choose a green color for the walls as it improves efficiency and focus. Moreover, the green color creates a calm working environment, so you’re more likely to stay focused on completing your tasks.


A comfort climate can have a positive impact on your brain functioning, and having a humidifier can be a smart choice for better productivity.

  • Hold your workplace at 77°F, an optimal room temperature to stay focused and concentrated.
  • Keep the humidity level at 30% in the winter and 40-60% in the summer.


Proper workplace lighting not only reduces the risk of eyestrain but also maximizes task performance.

  • Place your writing desk in front of the source of natural light as it is one of the most important environmental factors for optimal productivity.


Your brain needs a constant supply of oxygen to give you a possibility to learn in the best way it can. Thus, it’s vital to avoid ventilation hazards as they can lead to fatigue and affect concentration.

  • Open windows for 5-10 minutes from time to time to air out the room with outdoor air.
  • Put a lemon oil air freshener to freshen up your workplace, boost mood, and get a good-smelling room that doesn’t distract from learning.

2. Choose the Right Furniture and Equipment

If you have created a perfect workplace design, that’s great. However, it’s also important to make sure your workplace has all the necessary stuff that keeps you more focused – from a good office chair to a place for storing all documents, books, and notes. Thus, it’s time to tackle your furniture and find the right equipment.

  • Find a writing desk with an ample amount of surface area and shelves and drawers for your storage needs.
  • Get an ergonomic chair with support, armrests, and adjustable seat/backrest height to invest in your health, comfort, and productivity.
  • Hang shelves to get more organized and add coziness.
  • Place a storage cupboard with drawers to keep all books and documents out of sight.

3. Reduce Distractions

With the rise of modern technologies, there are so many distractions around us. While applying educational technology (EdTech) helps students improve the educational process, other technolgies make us less productive. What is more, there are several other distractions at the workplace. The fewer distractions you have, the more focused and productive you are.

  • Use shelves and drawers to keep your items as decluttering brings better focus.
  • Install distraction-killing tools (like Headspace or Tide) for your computer and smartphone to stay concentrated on learning.
  • Keep the noise level at 40-50dBA to minimize the risk of distracting, and the easiest way to check it is your ability to speak without raising your voice.

4. Organize Your Desk

If you want to stay focused on learning things, you need to have quick access to all materials that can help the process. Although cleaning your desk off is great, it isn’t enough if you want to increase your brain power. You need to know how to organize it for better brain functioning.

  • Put a desk lamp with a cold white light (6000 K) as it may improve concentration.
  • Create reminders on your smartphone to get vibration alerts that help to keep a track on your tasks.
  • Use stickers as going through your notes within 24h increases memory by 70%.
  • Keep your writing desk tidy as it increases your productivity by 15-20%.

5. Take Care of Your Health

If you want your brain to function properly, you need to improve your health even when you’re studying. To improve your memory and well-being, it’s important to eat healthy snacks, get enough sleep, and do physical activities. Moreover, there are some proven ways to take care of your health at the workplace that help to increase brain power.

  • Meditate for 27 minutes a day to increase the grey matter in your brain that helps to boost focus and remember things better.
  • Do physical activities to take a pause as even 20-minute excercise sessions can boost memory
  • Lay a bet on smart snacks – drink green tea as it contains EGCG that reduces the memory impairment and neuronal damage (“brain drain”), stay hydrated: a body-water loss of 1–2% can impair cognitive performance, eat an apple: its vitamin B helps with brain health.

6. Make Your Workplace Cozy

Since you spend much time at your workplace, it should inspire and motivate you. Last but not least, coziness matters. It’s in human’s nature to stay more productive and concentrated when you love the environment around you.

  • Keep your work environment alive with plants as ornamental plants increase memory retention and concentration.
  • Decorate your workplace with photos to add coziness. Plus, taking photoshelps to remember the visual aspects of the moment better, so being fond of photography can impact your brainpower.
  • Put books you love as reading printed books helps you better retain information.
  • Play 3D-platform video games to relax and promote grey matter in the hippocampus.
  • Let your cat or dog stay with you because pets in the workplace improve your job performance as they trigger the release of oxytocin, the neurochemical of love.

Final Thoughts

The workplace environment affects humans’ behavior, mood, motivation, and even brain functioning. The more time you spend at the workplace, the more impact it has on you, and every single detail matters. Once you know workplace organization tricks, you’re in charge of increasing your brain power that allows you to save time on learning new things.

Who else wants to study faster?

To increase your brain power and start learning faster and better, pay attention to the workplace organization. Although it may take time, effort, and money to organize a perfect workplace that affects your brain power positively, the payoff is huge.

Are ready to take the first step?