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Hey, fellows!

Welcome to my world of math and science, students life and fun, funny math, students science, scientific life.

Okay, I am sure you’ve got the point.

My name is Hugh, and some people enjoy calling me a brainiac. As you might guess, I do not mind them to do this. In fact, my website lives thanks to them.

Happen to be a Georgia Institute of Technology graduate, I am a huge fan of math, programming, coding, and everything related to STEM disciplines. I do understand how hard it is for some students to deal with them. More than that, I do understand how impossible it seems for some students to like them.

Are you one of such students? You are at the right place!

This blog is my pet project to help fellows deal with STEM disciplines and, what is even more challenging, help them understand how interesting and exciting such disciplines can be.

As well as any other nerd-like species, I am a bookworm trying to create his version of A Brief History of Time and call it his magnum opus one day.

So, read my blog, ask questions, write comments, consult exact sciences experts who are always ready to help you with homework, and just have fun!

Let’s discover the wonderful world of numbers, diagrams, and formulas together!

Wanna tell me what a cool cat or dull beggar I am? Drop me a line to hugh DOT mc2 AT bid4papers DOT com or say hi on G+.

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