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[They Did The Math] – Bizarre Questions Answered Scientifically

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D’you know what I love the Internet for? Once a bizarre idea strikes you, there is always someone who will take it serious..

That’s the way the ball bounces, folks!

Recently, I’ve stumbled upon the post by Mihai Andrei from ZME Science, and it made me WOW!

Yeah, this guy has done a great job, hasn’t he? But what has he got that I haven’t got? I started searching for even crazier calculations! And guess what? I’ve found a plenty of them to share with you. While some of us are seeking for math help for your mathematics assignments, others are willing to do weird calculations in their own time!

Here’s a list of things you won’t believe someone actually calculated:

1. -43.7 KG Master Yoda Weighs

It may sound strange (and it does!), but Rhett Allain from the Wired calculated that Yoda should have a negative weight, according to the given scene. Here come the calculations.

Truly wonderful, the mass of the Master is.

2. Attending Hogwarts Would Cost You $43,031 Annually

Despite J.K. Rowling’s clarification that attending Hogwarts is free, I wondered if anyone decided to find out the price.

And I was right. How do you like that? The School of Witchcraft and Wizardry doesn’t seem so… magic anymore, huh?

3. It Costs a Stripper $1k/week to Work in NY

Let’s face it; you considered striptease something like simple taking money for nothing. Either did I, unless the ugly truth of life has come: working a stripper is quite expensive.

Just look:

4. It Was About $63M in that Breaking Bad Money Pile

Those of you who don’t remember that epic money pile scene from Breaking Bad are welcome to cast the first stone at me! Those of you who are curious to find out how much money was there but lazy to count, let’s thank Redditor Okrean for his commitment:

5. Guy Gets Busted Lying About His Height

Telling lies is bad. But the science will help you not to get busted at least.

6. Jim from The Office Has Spent at Least $1,200 on Pranking Dwight

All the fans of The Office series remember Jim pranking Dwight. He did it so often that Reddit user ACCBiggz started to worry about Jim’s income. We all like counting someone else’s money, don’t we?

Anyway, ACCBiggz pulled up his socks and hoisted to the surface quite accurate calculations of what it costed Jim to appear the most comical guy in the office!

7. Chances of Taking Your Username by Another User:

8. Being “One in a Million” Doesn’t Seem So Pleasant for Mathematicians:

9. Wanna Check Really Bizarre Questions?

Some might say there’s nothing bizarre in mentioned questions. Okay, and how about a hardcore collection, guys?
ATTENTION! Some questions are NSFW. So, no more pics, sorry.

  1. How Many Bananas Does It Take to Kill a Man?
  2. How Many Tons of Fingernails Grow From Humans of The World in One Day?
  3. How Big Would a Hole Have to Be for You to Be Dropped in it at Birth and You Never Hit the Bottom Until You Died of Old Age?

I hope this collection dusts me in telling how cool science is! Not only it makes the world spin but gives a lot of fun as well! Sure, these calculations are hard to call scientific, but they are entertaining exercises for our brains as a minimum.

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