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What Is Chemistry?

In Chemistry, the elements of matter are completely concerned and classified by their properties and reactions, and thus by combining them, you can make new elements.

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Branches of chemistry

A student could attain a specialization in a few important branches of chemistry. Our chemistry experts will guide you to learn the concepts of these branches.

Organic Chemistry

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Inorganic chemistry

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Physical chemistry

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Acid And Bases

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Structure of The Atom

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Charles’s Law

For a gas, temperature and volume are directly proportional. Keeping everything else constant as the temperature of gas goes up, its volume goes up. As the temperature of gas goes down, its volume goes down. If you heat a gas, it expands, the gas particles move faster, and they take up more space. Imagine a balloon that expands when gas particles bang against the sides. Expanding keeps the pressure constant. The faster the gas particles move, the more they will push on the size of the balloon, inflating it. If, on the other hand, you cool the gas down, you put your balloon on ice, which slows the particles of gas down so the balloon will contract. 

Jacques Charles is credited with this gas law relating to temperature and volume, although he didn’t publish it. He may have been too busy taking rides in hot air balloons. A colleague, Joseph Louis Krsek, published it and very honourably gave Charles credit. 

Charles’s Law says that volume and temperature are directly proportional for a given amount of gas at a fixed pressure. 

V is proportional to T. You can write this mathematically as V = kT.  

Where V equals volume, T equals temperature in Kelvin and K is a proportionality constant. We can rearrange this equation. So it reads:  V/T = K or the ratio of volume to temperature is a constant K. Very often, Charles’ Law is used to compare to situations, a before and an after. In that case, you can say V1 over T equals K, and V two over T two equals K. So you can write Charles Law as V one over T one equals V, two over T two as shown below.

Example 1

A hot air balloon has a volume of 2800 meters cubed at 99 degrees Celsius. What is the volume if the air cools to 80 degrees Celsius? To solve this, we’ll write Charles law before and after form: V one over T one equals V two over T two. We substitute in what we know. Remember, we have to convert temperatures to Kelvin. Kelvin equals degrees Celsius plus 273.15. So now T one equals 372.15 Kelvin, and T two equals 353.15 Kelvin. (see below)

So 2800 meters cubed, divided by 372.15 Kelvin equals V two over 353.15 Kelvin. To solve V two, multiply both sides by 353.15 Kelvin. 353.15 Kelvin times 2800 meters cubed, divided by 372.15 Kelvin equals V two. V two equals 2657 meters cubed as shown.

Example 2

At 0 degrees Celsius, a gas occupies 22.4 litres. How hot must the gas be in Celsius to reach a volume of 25.0 litres. V one over two one equals V two over T two. Remember, we have to convert temperatures to Kelvin. Kelvin equals degrees Celsius plus 273.15. So T one equals 273.15 Kelvin.

Substituting in what we know, 22.4 litres over 273.15 Kelvin equals 25.0 litres, divided by T two. To solve for T two, cross multiply here, 22.4 litres times T two equals 273.15 Kelvin times 25.0 litres. T two equals 273.15 Kelvin times 25.0 litres, divided by 22.4 litres. T two equals 304.9 Kelvin. Convert temperature to degrees Celsius. Celsius equals Kelvin minus 273.15. So T two equals 31.7 degrees Celsius. (See below)

Charles Law relates temperature and volume for gas, but other gas laws relate to the other essential variables associated with gas. Boyle’s Law is the relationship between pressure and volume. Gay-Lussac’s Law is the relationship between pressure and temperature, and the Combined Gas Law puts all three together, Temperature, Pressure and Volume. Notice that to use any of these laws, the amount of gas must be constant. 

Avogadro’s Law describes the relationship between volume and the amount of a gas, usually in terms of “n”, the number of moles. When we combine all four laws, we get the Ideal Gas Law as shown above. To decide which of these gas laws to use when solving a problem, make a list of what information you have and what information you’d need if a variable doesn’t come up or is held constant in the problem. You don’t need it in your equation.