Consumer Behavior Assignment

As human beings, we tend to always look for the easy way out. The problem is that is not the way to make money, or even just get ahead in the world. If you want to make money, you have to take risks and make a conscious choice to do so.

Important details and influencing factor of consumer behavior assignments

Before focusing on your consumer behavior assignment, it is important to understand what consumer behavior is. This would help to frame the assignment and incorporate the important details correctly. Without having the correct report in the assignment, it may not be a suitable one to submit. Read on to know more about how to write the assignment. 

Important aspects of consumer behavior 

  • It requires using strategies that help get access to human behavior 
  • By correct use of technologies, it helps in the understanding of technical concepts that relate to a real-life scenario 
  • It helps in understanding consumer’s mindset and contributes to improving customer relationship and gain their trust in the service 
  • You will find the facts improving which you can deliver better service to consumers and enhance the experience
  • The growth rate and economic condition of organization matters to understand the behavior of consumers who approach it  

Knowing these aspects would help one gather some idea about what is consumer behavior and what are the essential things to keep in mind when preparing assignments. 

Aspects of consumer behavior assuagement given by experts  

  • There are many subject options in a consumer behavior assignment to create the analysis report and research. The topics are organizations, individual, or group 
  • The behavior is regarding the purchase, utilization, and disposing of the food item and how the consumers like the item 
  • In the consumer behavior report assignment, as disposal of goods are included, it is important to mention its impact on the environment, and adverse effects from the same should be mentioned in the assignment 
  • The assignment should include service of products that are sold to consumers, and as the experts have helped in detail about it in the consumer behavior assignment
  • The consumer behavior assignment should also deal with the priorities and choices of consumers and their impact on society. These are some vital points that the experts suggest  

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Tips to following in writing consumer behavior assignment for MBA 

As you start writing consumer behavior assignments, one will have aspects to work on, and each of the subjects needs to be studied. This helps to detail the subject in the assignment. Also, if you have prior knowledge about the subject, it would help you produce better analysis with suitable guidance from your experts. 

Listing the existing issues in the society 

When preparing consumer behavior assignment in MBA, one should know the problems and common questions asked by the consumers. Trying to identify its root causes and fixing them would help, and the analysis report should be included in the assignment. Both individuals and the entire group have concerns about the buying and selling process.  

Research to sort out the problems 

In the consumer behavior assignment, the writer needs to research the issues and try to know about the buyer’s relationship and consumer behavior. The subjects that need research and analysis would depend on people’s perspectives about the same. 

Opting for the best solution   

After completing the subject analysis, it is important to make a list of the solutions that go with the topic and should be included in the assignment. From this, only the ones that convey the best ideas should be included in the assignments. Therefore, it is important to take the priorities and concerns of the consumers and include the same in the assignment. 

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Choosing the best solution for consumers 

As per the consumer behavior report example, you will have to give an instance of the problem concerning the consumers and how to give the best solution. The motive of the solution should be to offer lower prices so that consumers across classes can afford it. However, it may vary from one category of item to another. Knowing the interest and mindset of the consumer can help you give the right solution and keep them engaged with the products. 

What is the importance of consumer behavior?

If you are aware of the importance of consumer behavior, it shall help you pick the right consumer behavior assignment topics with assistance from experts. It is mainly about knowing the factors that influence the purchase decision of buyers. Knowing the factors would help them fill in the gap and identify the right products that the consumers want. 

These are important points to keep in mind and include when preparing for consumer buying behavior assignments. The buying behavior of the buyer determines whether he is buying it out of interest or compelled to do so. The process of choosing and buying the item is the buying behavior of the consumer. Once you get to understand it, the process would be easy for you to offer the best items for consumers. 

How to determine the Customer-Buying Behavior?

This is an intricate topic where internal and external factors are included in determining the buyer’s decision to pick the right item. No consumer wants to invest in low-quality items, and they are into investing for a premium one. Therefore, it is the responsibility of the manufacturing team to offer premium products, and they should know how to retain the quality and deliver the best. When consumers are paying for the item, it should be valued, and the companies should know how to maintain quality. 

Therefore, the marketers need to choose the right strategy that shall help attract customers’ attention. This will influence the purchase decision of the customer and help them offer the best. By doing this, you can keep your customers and prevent them from purchasing from competitors. 

Wrapping it up 

There are some factors like ethical, social, legal, and cultural factors that influence the customer’s buying behavior. It is the value of the product that the consumer determines before investing in a particular product. Therefore, if planning to prepare for assignments on consumer behavior, it is better to know what matters to them the most and what influences the purchase decision. Ensure that you include the necessary points in the assignments that give a complete purview of the consumer. Therefore, the marketers can make suitable decisions and achieve success better.    

Consumer Behavior

This is my project assignment on Consumer Behaviour. Recently, I purchased a body spray from Woodworth’s called David Beckham Signature. We’ll start with the five steps that I took:

  1. What to buy. 
  2. Where to buy, 
  3. Which brand to buy, 
  4. How much to buy 
  5. How often you buy. 

What to buy? I bought a required body spray, so I bought a body spray by David Beckham called Signature. Where to buy it? I bought it from Woolworths. There were other locations I could have bought it from, like in the City or main shopping center or L.A. perfume shops. But Woolworths was the closest location to where I lived. So that would make an easy decision to go there and buy one. Which brand to buy? I purchased David Beckham because it was recommended to me by my friend. And I also did an online search for some good cheap brands of body spray. And I liked David Beckham. But I did do a sample test or in the shop, and I liked it pretty much. How much to buy? I liked this product, and I bought one for myself and one for my brother. How often will I buy it? Well, it depends on the usage, usually every six to eight weeks. And how often I use it because I also have other perfumes that I use. But body spray is if I’m in a hurry and going out in the City in hot weather. So that is some of the basic five steps. 

Now, suppose you check the basic stimulus-response. In that case, the buyer’s mental processes are visualized by the black box. The observations are of the buyers’ decisions that include the product choice, brand choice, dealer choice, purchase quantity, and purchasing time. All these stimuli can have different marketing stimuli and environmental stimuli. In my case, it wasn’t as much as environmental because only the economical choice was there. As for different alternatives that I could have gone with, all there was another good one that I wanted but wasn’t available with them was euphoria for men by Calvin Klein. Acts is one of the most common body sprays out there. Adidas produces some good quality body sprays. Often they’re fresh. And if you’re playing a lot of sports. But my main choice was still David Beckham. I really like this Perfume. Some of the main attributes that attracted me towards this particular brand and product were it’s long-lasting. My friends have used it. All of them have complimented this feature of this body spray, and it’s pretty, not too cheap, but it’s within my financial means.

Drive Theory

To integrate some of the theories of marketing into my decision-making process. Drive-through is defined as more of a physiological response or arousal. So that would mean, like, if I’m hungry, something happens in my stomach or if I, in my case, if I had a bad odor, I don’t want to smell bad. Neither do I want other people to say, oh, you smell that. 

Expectancy Theory

The next one would be expectancy theory. This is more of a cognitive factor because it means what incentive do I want to get out of it? So if I buy a body spray or smell better, buy a body spray, or what do I get? Oh, I don’t smell good. Once our form of human needs takes shape, they’re affected by culture and individual personality, and the environment that a person lives in. The example given was that in the United States, someone might require a Big Mac with French fries and a Coke when he’s hungry, but the person in Bali might want mangoes or suckling pig or beans. Now, it’s different from culture to culture, from the same culture, and the same context from person to person.

But wants are not necessarily essential for survival. That’s where needs come in. Another thing about wants is that when it is backed by buying power, they do become demands. In needs, we can see that needs can be like something important for your survival. People are born with, you know, a need for certain elements. For example, to maintain life, you need food, water, shelter. These are called biogenic needs. The other one is psychogenic needs. Those are acquired in the process of becoming a member of a culture. So in some cultures, having long hair might be a need. 

So next comes the analysis of the purchase method. Since it was a small product, I didn’t need to compare competitive bids or comparison for price quotes or checking the published price list. I’m quite satisfied with this product. For future decisions, I Would say, yes, I would buy it again, until I find another one, I suppose. But for now, it’s undoubtedly one of the goodbyes and a good find for me. The whole time for making that decision, asking friends, getting advice from friends, and buying it at Woolworths would probably be mostly five to ten minutes and pretty happy with that. Also, spending the amount of money, I am Pretty happy.