If you’re a college student, you probably have to deal with a lot of deadlines. One that you may have missed, however, is the deadline for logging into your 8th grade science teacher’s class website and looking at the answers for the last month’s homework. If you didn’t do this, you’re definitely not alone, and you’re definitely not going to get a good grade on the test. But a new blog called MyEconLab Answers is here to help. First, a quick history lesson. MyEconLab Answers is a blog that was created by two college students who found out that there wasn’t any information online about the types of econ lab they had to take for their classes.

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My Econlab Answers

This is a quick tutorial for you to get to know my lab a little bit better and help make navigation quicker and easier. So the first thing I’m going to show you is where to find your textbook reading. So each module, you’re going to have some chapters assigned to you to read. And that’s where you should start before you do any homework assignments. So if you go to the navigation bar on the left, you’ll see Pearson Etext, and this is how you get to all your textbook readings, as shown below.

You can also order a hard copy of the book, but that’s not necessary. They’re identical. So if you’re okay with the Etext, you go to Pearson Etext and then click again and jump right in and start reading the complete Pearson Etext online. And that’ll open up a new window for you so you can have the book, the textbook window open, and still have my lab open if you want to be going back and forth working on assignments. One thing I want to show you is how to make it a little easier to read. As you can see, it’s a little hard to scroll around here. (check position of the cursor)

You can’t see both pages at the same time. But if you click here (tool button), you can read it in a different format. So once you click on that button in the image above, you can go to the tool button on the left and go to page spread. And that should allow you to have both pages simultaneously, and you can scroll over here (see cursor position below) between the pages. Now you can see that both pages are side by side. (see below)

And this makes reading a little bit easier because once we get into the real nitty-gritty, you’ll be able to read things on one page and see the graph or the picture that they’re referencing on the other page. So as you can see, it’s much easier to read this way.

You can go back to my lab. It’s on its tab. So that’s where the Etext was. And now, for assignments, you’ll go to the assignments tab. This is where you’ll see the homework assigned to you and your quizzes and tests assigned to you. So if you go to assignments, you should see everything that’s assigned for the term. Now, these are just the graded assignments, the exception being orientation questions which are not graded. So this is where you would go, and it has the due date here for you, for all of them. So homework one is the one that is due August 31st for this class because two is due next Sunday, so on and so forth. 

Those of you looking to do the sample quizzes are you have to go specifically to take a quiz or test. They’re not assigned because they’re not graded, and there’s so many of them that they would fill up your assignment folder. So I keep them under-sample tests and quizzes. So you’re assigned graded quizzes and tests and down here, all the sample ones. So this is a great place to get practice on each chapter. So there’s a couple of test for each chapter, and you can practice. Doesn’t matter what grade you get? You can take it as many times as you want. You can try a couple of the questions you’re interested in practising and then move on if that’s how you’d like to do it. So those are really useful tools. So again, assignments are all here. Sample quizzes are below your assigned quizzes when you go to take a quiz or test. 

Study Plan

This is a computer-generated list of questions for you to practice, and it learns with you. So as you answer certain questions correctly, they’ll move on to other kinds of questions you still need to practice. And you can go chapter by chapter, or you can start working from the beginning and work your way through. But if you want to do your study plan for a particular chapter, you could pick a particular chapter. (See below)

Results Tab

This is where you can go to review anything that you’ve submitted. So obviously, there’s nothing here yet.  Once you submit a test and you want to go back and see the answers you got wrong and the correct answers. Look at any of the notes on the side where you can use the teach me in the help me buttons once. Once the quiz or test or homework has been submitted, you’ll be able to access that here through results. 

Chapter Resources

And lastly, I talked about this a little bit in your tips for success: the chapter resources. So here you can go to any chapter. And you can see these are all the different sorts of resources that they have. These are student lecture notes. You can see below what they look like. You can download this as a PDF. You can save it to your computer. It gives you just a little blurb on each chapter’s key points, and then you can write your notes on the side. So this would be a great thing to print out as you’re reading through the chapter and make notes about things that you want to remember, things that maybe you want to study, anything that will help you understand the concepts. So I recommend that for those of you who like to take notes and study in this way, you print this out and use it as you read through the chapter and then keep it with you for quizzes and exam time to get in.

You can save this to your computer for every chapter that you need and print them out as needed. 

They also have lecture notes. They have a study guide. This is a little bit more in-depth, and it has questions on it. And this is for each chapter. And again, you can save this as a PDF. So this goes through all the things that you’ll learn in the chapter and outlines all the major points. So this is kind of like your Cliff’s Notes for each chapter. And then there are questions to complete if you so choose another way to practice again. This stuff will not be graded. This is just for your learning and understanding, and you can save it to your computer. 


So if we back up and you’ll see animations. Now, these animations take all the figures from your book for that chapter, and they explain them. See the image below so you can get a sense of what it looks like. 

As you can see, this takes the graphs, and it explains them with a voiceover and shows them building each thing one by one.

So I think those are pretty useful if you find the graphs confusing. It’s kind of like the experience you might have if we were in a classroom together and I were up at the board explaining how we did each one of those graphs. This is sort of a supplement to get you to that kind of experience. So if you’re confused about something as you’re reading, as you’re reading in your textbook, come to the chapter resources and see if there’s an animation for it that will explain it for you step by step. 

Web Links

There are a couple of other things here. There are the Web links that are referenced in the chapters. This is where you would go find them. And then from here, they have a link to the text as well. (see below)

So this is another area you can jump to the text, too, but it’s probably easier for you to start from Pearson Etext. So those are the main resources for you here in my lab. Overall there’s a lot of useful stuff on here. And students who make use of the sample quizzes, the study plan and these chapter resources have much more success in class and have a better understanding of the material.