Electromagnetism Help, one of the elective courses that can be taken as part of a Physics degree, is a course designed to introduce the main elements of the subject, the laws of electromagnetic induction and electromagnetic waves. These laws form the basis of many areas of physics, including modern technology, such as mobile phones and the internet.

What are the benefits of seeking electromagnetism help? 

Summary: Students often find it difficult to deal with their Physics assignment. Here, in this article, you will get to know all about electromagnetism help. 

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Detail about your requirements with electromagnetism help

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How to find an electromagnetism help?

An assignment paper is a crucial piece of academic writing that is based on the original research on any topic, along with the interpretation and analysis of the findings. The students who are studying Physics often struggle with the subject, and for the questions on electromagnetism, they need expert help. Some qualities make service reliable, and they are discussed below. 

Finding relevant information

The internet has a world of information on different subjects including acoustics, so when you need to do is find the answers to electromagnetism questions that are relevant to you. Make sure the information is taken from reliable and authentic websites only. 

Create an outline for the paper

The writer must create an informal outline to organize the answers to the questions about electromagnetism. You can revise, add, or cancel the outline anytime to make it perfect with time. It will help you in clearing out the key points and properly arranging them to move on to the next step.

Organize the answers properly

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Revise and check the paper

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Now that you know all the steps that can help you create a good and interesting paper, get to work now. So, if you are looking for electromagnetism help, you need to find a service that has all the above-mentioned qualities. Also, you need to read the policy before hiring their help. 


In this post, we’re going to look at electromagnetism, which is the phenomenon whereby electric currents produce their own magnetic fields. And we’ll see how this works in ordinary wires, coils, solenoids and electromagnets. Let’s start by imagining that we had a wire and let the current flow through it from bottom to top. This electric current would produce its own magnetic field all around the wire, representing field lines. In this case, the field lines would be concentric circles around the wire, and they’d be closest together near the wire as that’s where the magnetic field is strongest. The direction of the magnetic field, though, will depend on the direction of the current. So to help us remember which way it goes, we can use something called the right-hand rule. If you take your right hand, turn it into a fist and point your thumb in the direction of the currents flowing, then the direction that your fingers are curling in tells you the direction of the magnetic field. 

So if I have a wire in which the current is going upwards, the magnetic field would be going anticlockwise. And so we would mark each of our concentric circles with little arrows in that direction. However, if we had another wire with the current going in the opposite direction. Then by using the right-hand rule with our hand upside down, this time, we see that the magnetic field is now travelling in the opposite direction.

To make things a bit trickier, let’s now imagine that instead of two separate straight wires, we instead joined them together so that we had a single flat circular coil. With the current flowing in through the bottom left and out through the right. 

As the magnetic fields of the two sides of our Coil interact, the magnetic fields, which were concentric circles, will now get stretched out and form Elipses. And as the magnetic fields combine, they form a single magnetic field that runs straight through the Coil centre. Which, if we were to look at it from above, would look like this. 

If we now add lots more turns to our Coil, all next to each other and one long piece of wire, we make something called a solenoid. And importantly, the magnetic field within a solenoid is strong and uniform. Outside the Coil, the field is just like the one you would find around a bar magnet and like a bar magnet where the field lines come out is the North Pole. And where they point in is the South Pole. So we’ve effectively used electricity to create a magnet, as we call it, an electromagnet. 

One useful thing about electromagnets is that they are the only magnetic for as long as we keep the current flowing through the water. As soon as we turn off the power source, the magnetic field disappears. And when we turn it back on, it comes back. Not only can we turn it on and off, but we can also reverse the direction of the magnetic field by reversing the direction in which our current is flowing. 

We can show this by reversing the direction of our little current towers. And each time we flip them, the direction of our field lines and the sides of the poles will also flip around, indicating that our magnetic field has flipped directions. The problem with our electromagnets here is that small electromagnets like this one would only produce a very weak magnetic field. So you need to know the full ways that we can increase electromagnets, strength. 

Four Ways to Increase an electromagnet Strength

  1. The most obvious way is to increase the current that flows through the solenoid.
  1. Second, we can increase the number of turns in our Coil while keeping the length of the solenoid the same and similarly,
  1. We could decrease the length of the Coil while keeping the number of turns the same. Solenoids that have very densely packed coils will be the strongest. 
  1. The last thing we can do is add an iron core to the inside of our solenoid, as iron is a soft magnetic material. It will become an induced magnet when the solenoid is switched on, which will massively increase the strength of the electromagnetic magnetic field. But importantly, it will also lose its magnetic field as soon as the current is turned off. 

That’s all, I hope you enjoyed it, and we’ll see you next time.