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Osmo Coding with Awbie

I’m going to talk about Osmo Coding with Awbie, and we will be playing Osmo Coding. I will go ahead and click play. 

And if you’re interested in teaching your students about coding and its basics and improving their sequencing ability, I highly recommend this type of coding game. This coding is excellent because they can see the code blocks and use them. Some websites like or Tinker have block codes also. And those block codes, if you put them together, create a program for whatever object you’re using to move or do things. So these block codes here will do the same thing to the monster that’s walking around. 

It’s going to tell the monster what to do. And right at the very beginning of this game, it’s going to show you a few block codes to use, but then eventually, you’re going to write a program. So right now, it’s telling me to put a block code going forward and a block code play button and do not cover the buttons. Instead, once I put the block codes together and press the play button.

Now you can see that the monster was moving. It only moves once because I’m not telling it what to do. I haven’t programmed it to move more than once. So every time I press play, it’s only going to move one square. Of course, if I keep pressing play, it’s going to be a little bit more. But every time I hit play, it’s moving that one time that I hit it. 

Now it’s telling me to move that arrow down so I can do that in the first place. 

And now it’s telling me to move forward again. And it’s going to tell me to move down, and I’m going to move forward. But this time, it’s telling me to add this block. This block is telling me or telling the monster that he or she will move four times. So I’m going to put it right here. 

And what’s great about this Osmo coding is that these blocks are magnetic. So they’re not going to go anywhere. They’ll move apart if you force it, but they stick together pretty well, and they don’t break apart easily. So I’ve done that. I’m going to hit play, and now it’s going to be moving four times. So I just programmed this monster to move four times forward. And now I’m going to change the program up a little bit, and I’m going to add a five because I want it to go up to five. 

And there it goes. I’m going to move forward five. I want to move down, and I’m going to hit this first before I move down. This hand right here is telling me to click on that so that I will click on it.

And I just planted a seed, and it looks like a rainbow strawberry. And now it’s up to me to continue on my journey. So I’ve got moved down, and I’m just going to put four down. And do two, and that’s the first level. 

Now the levels do get more challenging, and they do introduce other blocks like jump blocks and Loop blocks. So it does tell you when to use it at first, but then eventually the instructions will go away and then you’ll have to figure out when is a good time to use it in your travels.