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What is Python?

Using Python philosophy, programmers can write fewer lines of code to create programs and instructions. Python allows its users to write both large and small object-oriented programs. This program has a core feature of code readability by determining code blocks using whitespace instead of curly braces and keywords. Python has a dynamic type system and memory management that supports procedural, object-oriented, imperative and functional programming patterns. 

You can also get help from our Python Assignment Experts to understand Python and its purpose. Furthermore, Python has an extensive library offering interpreters that are compatible with various operating systems, allowing you to run different types of code on different platforms. Understanding Python along with the benefits of a career will help you become familiar with its concept.

Basics in Python Programming Language

Python requires a strong understanding of the basics to have an in-depth understanding. The following are the basics of programming:


In Python, there are two kinds of loops. There is one that means “while” and one that means “for”. The “while” loop has a condition at either beginning or end, and the “for” loop has an initializer, a condition, and a modifier. Whenever you write a for loop, you can set any elements in its body to be empty or not.


It is generally recognized that there are two types of statements: if then else and switched.


Python adds comments in the form of “” and #. Using “” means you are marking the session, and using # means you are adding comments.


A static function and a lambda function are both types of function. Static functions are used to reference objects already present, and lambda functions are used to define methods that can be passed to a routine.

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  • Classes, Objects, Loops, Exceptions
  • List, Tuples, Dictionary
  • Regular expressions
  • CGI programming
  • Socket programming
  • Multithreading
  • GUI programming
  • Network application Programming
  • XML processing
  • Data visualization, analysis

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In Python Assignment Help, what types of services do you offer?

Python assignment help is available to students of all levels, from beginners to experts. Since our team of Python programming experts have spent years training and developing their skills in this field, we can meet all the homework requirements of students. In addition, we cater to various subjects, and you can view our list of subject categories to learn more.

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Python Programming

The day will come when you are stranded in space and need to write a Python script. It is unlikely you will have Internet access. So if you need help, you’ll be on your own. To be independent, you need to learn about Python interactive help features. With these, you can quickly learn about classes, modules, and functions. Remember, fortune favors the prepared mind. First, to start the python interpreter, you need to know is the DIR function as the first function. This is a short form for Directory. Python displays a list of available objects; when you first start the interpreter, there are four standard objects. Today, we will focus on the first one, built-ins. 


This is a module that contains a collection of common objects which are always available to you. To see the list of built-in objects, view the Directory for the built-in module. To do this, call the directory function and, this time, pass the built-in module name. This list contains dozens of functions and types ready for use. To learn about one of these objects, you call the help function with the object’s name as an example. Let’s learn about the power function.

Power Function Example

This displays the help documentation for the power function. The first line confirms it is a function in the built-in module. 

The following lines show how to use the function. There are three inputs listed: X, Y, and Z. The third input is inside brackets, which means it is optional. The first two inputs are not inside brackets. This means they are required. 

The Arrow points to the return type for this function. Pow returns a number. Below the usage is a detailed description of the function. Let’s raise 2 to the tenth power (pow 2, 10) to test the power function. It works. From the description, we see that an equivalent way to perform this calculation is to use a double asterisk (2**10). We get the same answer. 

Example 2

Let’s see another example, first display the Directory of built-in objects. This time we will learn about the object called Hex. Like before, we will use the help function. The first line confirms that Hex is a built-in function. You do not need to import anything to use this function. 

Next, we see that the input to the Hex function is a number while the output is a string. Let’s test this function. The hexadecimal representation of the number 10 is “a,” and that is what we get. Notice that this value is a string as specified in the help text. You can tell it is a string because quotes surround it. Also, note that hexadecimal in Python begins with 0X. If you ever need to convert hexadecimal back to a regular decimal, type in the hex value. Be sure not to use quotation marks, so Python interprets as a number and not a string. 

There are many more modules beyond buildings. Think of a module as a folder that contains other python objects. To see a list of available modules called help modules. To learn about a module and see what objects are available, you must first import it. We will illustrate this by importing the math module. Once you do this, you can check that it is available to you by calling the directory function. See how the math module now appears. It is ready for us to use. 

Let’s use the directory function to see what’s inside the math module. Call the directory function with the name of the module. Be careful you do not use quotes. We want the objects for the module, not a string. We will investigate the radiance function, see what happens if we try to display the help text. 

The reason we get a name error is that the radians function lives inside the math module. To view the help, you must specify the path to the function math.radians. We see the function convert’s degrees to radians. Let’s test this. Recall that 180 degrees equal pi radians. Once again, we got a name error. 

The reason is the same as before. We need to specify the path to the function to use it. It works. Quick note, there is a way to import a function, so you do not have to type the full path.

The next time you are lost in space, don’t panic. The interactive health features of Python will make sure you can stop worrying about your dwindling resources and instead focus on writing more Python software.