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scratchjr help

Do you want to learn how to use ScratchJr? Maybe you’re a teacher or parent who is looking for a way to introduce kids to the basics of computer programming in a new and exciting way. In either case, consider enrolling in “ScratchJr: A Help Book”, an online course designed by a pair of educators with years of experience in coding education, to help you master the basics of ScratchJr and get started with making your own games.

What Is ScratchJr?

It is a program that allows preschool and kindergarten-age children to design interactive stories and games using ScratchJr. The children build their characters with graphic programming blocks, which allow them to jump, dance, and sing. The paint editor allows children to customize characters, add their own voices and sounds, even insert their own photos, and then use programming blocks to make them come to life.

Thousands of young people around the world use the Scratch programming language, which inspired ScratchJr. The company ensured that ScratchJr’s interface and programming language are developmentally appropriate for young children when designing the product. There are many features specifically designed to help children develop cognitively, personally, socially, and emotionally.

ScratchJr is an excellent tool for young programmers. The software was designed for preschoolers, so it is easy to learn and use. For children younger than third grade, this app makes an excellent introduction to Scratch, as it provides an excellent introduction to programming.

What makes ScratchJr good for kids?

It can be challenging to learn computer programming or use PlantUML. For younger kids who are still learning how to read and write, the idea of coding is too overwhelming. ScratchJr’s icon-based interface is great for teaching programming concepts to kids without all the complicated programming. It is more difficult to teach this program to an entire class of children because of the multiple tray, editor, and input screens. ScratchJr provides a stimulating and engaging environment that can be enhanced with teacher guidance. The best part about ScratchJr is that it offers the chance to foster a love of digital creation.

Advantages of ScratchJr

The ScratchJr website is a great resource for kids. Here are a few reasons why ScratchJr is the perfect coding tool for kids in this age range.

Kids of all ages will enjoy ScratchJr.

ScratchJr’s simple design makes it stand out from other coding platforms. The book is geared towards children ages five to seven, and contains little text. It is therefore usable by people who do not speak English

ScratchJr develops soft skills

Coding can help children learn important soft skills. To be honest, there is a variety of programming languages for children that can be used to gain these skills; however, ScratchJr is currently the best choice for this age group. You may also choose to enroll your kids in Scratch or Minecraft after you complete this lesson.

ScratchJr brings later academic success

Learning how to code with ScratchJr online courses for kids can help build cognitive skills. The ability to perceive, analyze, and process information more effectively than their peers. Thus, students are able to gain a better understanding of mathematics and critical thinking.

Builds confidence

A ScratchJr online course also provides the opportunity to create new projects and face new challenges. They will learn how to achieve something on their own by enrolling in an online class and creating games and stories. The confidence children gain from these little accomplishments is much bigger: from an early age, they gain a lot of self-worth.

Creative Design and Interactivity

ScratchJr’s costume editor allows children to color or draw the cat or another character. ScratchJr’s focus on this feature is likely to be their favorite if you give it to a child and see what they do first. Students as young as 4 can draw incredible things on this platform, according to my experience. Pink is a more beautiful color for the cat than black, and students can draw anything they want on scratchJr.

The students quickly learn how to perform sounds after the animation is completed. There isn’t a huge library of sounds in ScratchJr, but that’s great because it encourages kids to get creative. The audio track can’t just be selected as “Dance Party”. They can also record dance party tracks if they wish. 

Simple Coding Blocks

Honestly, none of the coding programs are encountered so far is 100% friendly to 4-5 year olds. In contrast, ScratchJr succeeds in dumbing down complex concepts into one simple picture. Parental explanations will still be necessary for the green flag and some other blocks. Nonetheless, the concept is simple, and once kids gain the necessary understanding, they should have no trouble creating the projects described below.

Kid-Friendly Graphics

Although ScratchJr’s graphics are more colorful than Scratch’s, it doesn’t offer as many options for backgrounds and characters. ScratchJr’s characters are designed to appeal to children, and they look happy and friendly. It is also possible to download a ScratchJr version designed for PBS Kids which is appealing to kids who want to work with PBS Kids characters.

How we help you with scratch Jr

Kids will learn ScratchJr most effectively through lots of guided practice and hands-on assistance. However, although the program is geared towards younger kids, it still offers a lot of options for clicking and dragging. Thus confusion and becoming stuck are likely. Through carefully constructed lessons that guide students through each step of an activity, students should be able to modify stock programs, even build their own interactive scenes. If you would like to learn coding, you may find our ScratchJr online help module useful.

Kids as young as 5 years old are able to get a grasp of Scratch Junior Coding Course without having to know how to read or write. The coding course also omits signed blocks so children can enjoy learning to code by following schematic illustrations. Children will learn coding using easy to follow instructions with blocks called Scratch Junior. Children can create simple cartoons, games, and presentations by manipulating the blocks, which will result in excitement and pride for their accomplishments. It’s just so wonderful for children! Let’s give it a go today!


Scratch Junior

Today we’re looking at scratched Junior and how to introduce scratch Junior to the young kids. I did this with the six, seven, eight-year-old. So this is Scratch Junior on the iPad. Press the home button to get started and then the plus button to start a new project. So we always start with this cat here. Now, I don’t want the cat for my project, so I’m just going to click and hold on to him and then press the X to take it away, and I’ll press the plus on the left side to bring a new character in. And I’m going to go down, and I’m looking for the little baby. Here he is. I’ll press the button to bring him on and just put him into position. Just move him on the stage. Now, press the plus button on the left again for another character. And this one, I want a little bunny rabbit. And there’s the bunny rabbit here. I’ll press the tick button to bring him on and put him on this side. And I’m not Fast that he is facing the wrong way because that will fix itself.

Now, on the top, the blue-green icon will be my background. So I clicked on that. And the one that I want is the road that’s up on the top. So it’s just a sort of funny thing of the baby and the bunny rabbit being on the road.

So I want to start with what the baby’s doing. So I’m going to tap the baby on the left to get him selected. You can see the baby on the bottom there that’s telling us that that’s the baby’s script we’re doing now. Start with the yellow blocks and start with the flag to know that when the flag is pressed, the script happens. I’m going to go to the blue blocks now, and I want him to move, and I want him to move about six to the right. So I tap on the number there, change the number with the keypad, and I’ll press the flag at the top to test that. Now I want him to go up as well. So use the up arrow, bring that down and attach that to my script and I’m going to change that to maybe six as well. And I’ll play that, make sure it’s doing what I do. I now want to go right, maybe nine. See how that works. So this process of adding something, testing it, adding something, testing, it’s really important when you’re teaching kids about coding and animation, come to that. That worked well. 

So now I want the down arrow. Change that to six, so it goes down to the ground. So what we’re looking for is the baby crawls, he floats in the air, he flies, and crashes onto the bunny. Now I want the bunny to react and to move when the baby does that. So now I’m going to tap on the rabbit on the left to get the rabbit selected. I’m going to go to my yellow blocks and my flag to start. I’m going, and I want the bunny rabbit to move to the left, maybe twelve. So get my blue box, get my left arrow, attach it, change it to twelve. Now, this isn’t going to work the way it’s supposed to, but I do this on purpose to show the kids. 

So I press the flag, and I ask them what the problem is? And I said, well, the problem is the bunny was moving before the baby got to it. So the bunny needs to wait. Now, lucky for us, there is a white block. So if I go to the orange block, there’s that little stopwatch. There are ten right now. So I’m going to move that, and I’m going to put it in between these two blocks there. So it’s waiting now. Ten seconds. It’s ten scratchings, and it’s not exactly sure what it is. Now It won’t be enough. Let’s have a look. Now he moves too quickly, so we need to keep changing it and changing it. I think that 50 is a good number, so let’s try that. And there he goes, he goes just as the baby gets there. That’s a bit of trial and error to make sure that the bunny is waiting long enough.

Now, the last thing is I want the bunny to sort of make some sound when the baby gets to it. So the green blocks are where the sounds are. I could make this pop sound, which I don’t want. So I’ll click on the microphone, and I press record, and I’ll make a little sound. Press the tick button to save that, and now drag that microphone in, and I’m going to make that microphone between the orange and the blue block. It’s not ideal because it’s a little bit short, so I’m going to change the time to 45 and try it one more time. There’s a little bit of a delay, but that’s pretty good. And really, that is all I taught the students on Scratch Junior. I said there are other blocks that we haven’t covered, like the purple ones, for example and some other orange ones. So I encourage them to look and explore and play and see what they can come up with. And they did deliver. They came up with some fun animations. So that is the introduction to Scratch Junior on the iPad. 

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