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Pay Someone To Do Your Assignment

An assignment given on a particular topic, along with a submission deadline, is a process that helps educators assess your academic skills. It builds your critical and analytical skills, establishes intellectual discipline and study habits. Your academic result and performance also depend primarily on it, and that’s the reason you have to take this task seriously.

But there are certain situations when we face problems doing or submitting assignments. Sometimes we find the topic so tricky that getting some creative aspects from it looks pretty challenging. And, sometimes, we just get busy with our lives for different purposes. In these particular situations, we might like to get the job done by someone else. But seeking help from someone with little or zero understanding of your assignment topic is not the right option to get your job done. If you submit an assignment like this, it can be a complete disaster and downgrade your result.

However, instead of just giving the task to someone, the situation would have been better if you gave the job to a skilled person. And if it costs an affordable amount, it may not seem like a big deal. After all, you will get a good quality assignment that will help you excel at your academics.

If you lost your peace of mind with fast-approaching assignment deadlines, we are here to ensure you the proper assistance to wipe away all your worries.

Five key features of a good and perfect assignment: 

Writing an excellent quality and flawless assignment is not a simple task. It requires authentic resources, proper research, and unique ideas which will meet your teacher’s expectation. If you try to do it lightly, the result may not be good. You have to be extra careful while writing your assignments. To do so, maintain the below features well in your writing. Here are five essential features of a good and perfect project that you should keep in mind:

  1. Understand the topic: To prepare a good quality assignment, you must keep it relevant to the topic. You need to perform in-depth research on your given topic. So, make sure you have read the whole subject and understood it clearly. Otherwise, your creative juice will not flow properly, and the quality will drop.
  2. Keep it clean: The resources from where you will collect the data must be accurate. Or else it will ruin the authenticity of your assignment. Also, keep in mind that your writing should be 100% plagiarism-free.
  3. Make the basic structure with proper guidelines: Before writing an assignment, you must build the basic structure of the project that will contain introduction parts, key arguments and points, and a well-planned conclusion. Each piece of your assignment should include specific information according to the requirements of your teacher or professor.
  4. Enrich your language: Another condition for writing a good essay is that you need to be proficient in English. You have to enrich your writing by choosing the right words and maintaining the correct tone to make it relevant to the topic.
  5. Submit by the deadline: Finally, a good quality assignment requires enough time. Make the perfect use of your given time to complete the project. So, before you start, check the deadline properly and plan your tasks according to your time.

By sticking to these five features, you can create a well-researched, rich in facts and good quality assignment yourself. And, if it still feels challenging to you, don’t fret. All you have to do is hire a top assignment expert from Assign U, and we will take care of your concern.

Getting assignment help from others:

There are several reasons behind a student not being able to write a well-researched assignment. Most students have to face some academic issues while preparing for a project. Although particular students overcome these, many get stuck and suffer from anxiety as the submission date approaches. Here are some of the reasons why a student may not be able to complete an assignment:

  • The main reason why a student cannot make an assignment properly is their lack of understanding the topic thoroughly. 
  • Another problem is the lack of English language skills. Without proficiency with the English Language, it is pretty challenging to prepare a well-organized assignment.
  • Research is an essential part of writing an assignment. It is almost impossible to write anything without knowing about the research process properly.
  • Without knowing how to manage time effectively, you will not submit your assignment by the deadline.

And finally, all these issues make you think of someone who can do your assignment. Now, in this case, there are two types of people who can help you. One of them is someone from your family or friends, and the other is an expert professional who will do your assignment for a particular payment. 

However, if you get the job done with someone you know, you may have to compromise with the quality. Because the topic may appear unfamiliar to them, or they may have read it a pretty long time ago.

And that’s why you need a qualified writer who can do the assignment using proper resources and unique ideas. Besides, you can also get particular help from an expert’s point of view. Doesn’t it seem like the right decision to you? I hope the answer is, “Yes.” And if so, why the delay? Hiring an experienced writer from Assign U will remove every assignment-related concern from your mind. 

Benefits of doing your assignment online:

One question that may arise in your mind is, “why should I pay someone to do my assignment?” To answer your question, we have made some points. Take a look at these benefits.

  1. Getting an assignment done with a unique idea:  An expert’s particular opinion can make your assignment rich. Our team of skilled writers is always there to help you. They will provide everything to make your assignment well-resourced with accurate information and better ideas.
  2. Better academic results: Assignment has a significant role in determining the grades of every student. And in this matter, our assignment help service can bring better grades that will enhance your academic career.
  3. Getting help from experienced writers: You will get the highest-ranked expert writers from us, and they know how to make a top-quality assignment. Most of our writers are Ph.D. scholars, and they are always ready to assist you in every difficulty.
  4. Submitting before the deadline: If you need an assignment within a short deadline, our specialist writers can help. They can complete your project super first, in a minimum of 4 hours. And the best thing is we never compromise on quality even if we work fast.
  5. Strict privacy concerns: We ensure maximum security and privacy in our work. We will not share the assignment we prepare for you with any other site or anyone else. So, you can rest assured about privacy.
  6. Plagiarism-free assignment with factual information: Our writers always gather information and data from authentic sources and creatively rearrange them. So, you can expect a 100% plagiarism-free assignment from us.
  7. Getting unlimited revision and proofreading: Our editors have to revise and proofread your writing before delivering you the final work. Also, you can have unlimited revisions of your assignment until it meets your expectation, anytime you want.
  8. Having the extra time for yourself: When an expert writer does your assignment, you can submit it before the scheduled time. Meaning you will get spare time to concentrate on other interests of your life, which are considerably more important to you than the assignment.

Finally, as you know all the good aspects of doing your assignment online, so why don’t you give it a try? Isn’t it better to avail online assignment help instead of dealing with dreading assignment work? If you think likewise, Assign U is offering you the best deal with the most experienced writers.

Why should we consider it?

There are many times when we can’t do the right thing, even if we want to. Or we don’t have the time or exact knowledge to do the task. As a result, we get stressed. This happens when our studies and other extracurricular activities come together, or we just lack skills and time. Also, assignment tasks are not always fruitful for students. Sometimes, these all are just to follow the academic procedures. In addition, most students go through a lot of trouble to finish their assignments within the deadline. As a result, they get anxious and end up having further health issues. 

Again, some students stay awake all night to finish the assignment before the deadline. This kind of habit causes severe adverse reactions later in their body. Above all, by spending maximum time on projects, students fall behind in their social life too. Plus, doing homework can later negatively affect their mental health as well.

And that’s why we are here to help you get rid of such a situation. Just place an order along with the required information on our website, and you are done. Now you can take care of your other interests and make yourself stress-free. Our writers are capable of delivering your assignment before the deadline without any hassle. In this way, you can keep yourself out of academic stress and can make a balance between fun and study.

Pay someone to do your assignment- Is it ethical?

There is a common question that comes across the minds of many students around the world- Is It Ethical to Pay Someone to do my assignment? And in reply to this question, you will get a general answer that many people would give is, “No.” As an explanation of which they will connect some philosophical speech with it. But the reality is different. Here we have contrasted with the two sides:

The Bright Side:

To do assignments, most students have to seek help from others because of a lack of proper skill and sufficient time. And the bitter truth is, some projects will have no value in your learning. So, why would you waste time when you could do something even better? And who doesn’t know that many students now have to be involved in various part-time jobs besides studying? 

To them, paying for an assignment wouldn’t be a bad idea at all. Because earning to survive is similarly necessary to manage good grades. It allows them to balance between their studies and work. So, why not make someone else do your assignment task? With the time saved, you can learn other fruitful things (like programming, creative thinking, leadership, or communication) to upskill yourself. 

Writing an assignment with the help of someone may seem unacceptable at first, but if you consider the entire picture, it’s not bad. After reading a project written by a skilled person, you can learn things and even think better than before. You can also find out your weak points by observing them thoroughly. And, if you can overcome these shortcomings, you will also be able to write your assignment in the future.

The Downside:

Taking the help of someone to write an assignment seems like deception to many at first. After all, it’s a process where you learn something or gathers skills regarding the subject. Consequently, most students have a common question, “Isn’t it illegal to pay someone to write a homework assignment for me?” And our answer is- It is legal and helpful unless you are involved in any immoral practice. We should always keep in mind that it is not a bad thing to ask someone for help when we get stuck in any task. There is nothing to be ashamed of or remorseful for. And to feel good, you can always try to keep an equilibrium between seeking help and self-reliance.

Services and assignment types we offer:

Assign U provides a platform that is widely concerned with proper assignment guidance and extra care for students who find it challenging to accomplish their assignments before the due date. Our website is super convenient to use and always ready to give its clients a positive experience. So, if you’re here for a high-quality and error-free assignment, then it is the right place. 

Our service is 100% reliable with no legal obligations. We keep our dealings confidential, for which we maintain the privacy of our client’s personal information, even after their order is done. A high-quality and well-researched assignment requires comprehensive analysis performed by experts in the relevant field. At Assign U, you will find help for numerous assignment topics covering various disciplines. It includes Social Sciences, Business, Natural Sciences, Applied Sciences, Humanities, and Literature.

  1. Maintaining the academic requirements: Students frequently have trouble ensuring good grades on their assignments as it requires detailed research and critical analysis to write relevant content. For analytical writing about law, business, literature, or technical subject, many students face difficulty. We consider all of those specifications to maintain the highest standard of your academic writing. We can assure you of completing your assignment without compromising any academic standard. 

Also, Assign U offers a free consultation feature and enables students to get a proper understanding of their assignment specifications. And, of course, we guarantee our clients on-time delivery of their assignments with no error and plagiarism. Our management is highly concerned about quality assurance, and our team works meticulously to meet all your specified requirements. You should carefully check the requirements for different assignment types. Depending on the particular subjects, the style specifications and technical requirements of various assignments vary.

  1. Valuing your time: Most students find themselves in a messed-up situation resulting from the work burden of numerous academic tasks, along with some social responsibilities and other co-curricular activities stealing away their time. So, we set our goals to assist students by reducing their academic hardship and facilitate their creativity and productivity. 

Occasionally, various factors like social media, sports, and random tasks lead students to procrastinate in completing their academic tasks. Finding virtual assistance could be a great relief when you are close to a deadline for assignment submission. So, once you meet our highly expert team with amazing assignment writing features, you need to stop worrying because we can turn all your anxiety into peace by delivering quality work that will save your time and money.

  1. Providing satisfactory work: Based on our specialized regulations, we supervise our writers and the entire process from your order to delivery. Our focus is to make your assignment flawless. We make it happen by an expert research team that is highly skilled in content engineering, extensive analysis, and in-depth academic knowledge. It always requires a sincere effort to create a genuine assignment that is error-free and plagiarism-free. 

We strongly prohibited plagiarism as it can cause a significant negative impact on your academic grade. Since a good assignment is essential for gaining good grades, we never overlook any important aspects regarding its quality, not even any accidental grammatical or plagiarism error. All information, supportive arguments, critical analysis, and reference are checked multiple times before it’s included in the final writing. If any correction needs to occur, we consider revising your paper as many times as it requires, free of cost, until we can give you a satisfactory result.

  1. Quick and reliable service: Regular academic tasks like class attendance, a relentless barrage of exams, presentations, project works, piled-up assignments with short deadlines, and chances of rejection by the course teacher make life harder for students. You might wish to get assignment help from a reliable source. Assign U is an intuitive platform dedicated to providing you with perfect academic writing services. 

Whether you seek assistance finding quality sources for your assignment or just proofreading and editing, it’s the right place to order. When you compare us with other assignment service providers, you might take into consideration the unique policies, goals, visions, and continuous motivation to ensure powerful quality maintenance that makes us distinct from others. 

We manage an enthusiastic client support team that provides you 24/7 online service to respond to any of your queries. In addition, we have writer managers who supervise the entire ordering procedure to make sure it’s correct and intuitive.

  1. Proofreading or editing without additional charge: Assign U has some strict guidelines for the writers and the editors. The assignment under process must be revised up, and they will carefully implement the requirements you specify in the order form. Students can communicate with the writer for any further fix or amendment until they feel satisfied with the final writing. 

We offer 24/7 online assistance in case you need to file a claim. So, you can coordinate any time with the writer for editing or proofreading regardless of any extra charge. In case you need a partial copy of the writing, feel free to ask. It’s our utmost duty to deliver you a well-researched, information-enriched, and error-free assignment on time without any inconvenience.

  1. Providing round-the-clock assistance: As our writers are highly qualified and they have got a bright academic experience, they can easily relate to the struggles of a student’s life. So, naturally, they will assist you with proper care, dedication, and honest effort to fight your study-related difficulties and fears. 

We have expert researchers from different disciplines who can provide top-notch assistance to write an in-depth analytical paper that will help you obtain a successful academic career. Based on our findings, many students frequently face difficulty in gathering relevant and quality information from the right sources. They also find it difficult to use references correctly. Because of this, they need proper guidance to understand complex writing topics and to learn to gather the right and relevant information for writing a quality assignment. 

For writing an analytical paper on technical subjects like programming assignments or any other science subject, it becomes a headache for some students. Our writers’ community at Assign U can provide quality programming assignment help by professional programmers. They got the expertise and sound knowledge regarding various programming languages like Java, C++, Python, etc. You may face trouble understanding history or literature topics as well. At any stage of your assignment writing procedure, you can avail of round-the-clock assistance from our dedicated team.

Affordable with your limited budget:

Assign U acknowledges the fact that most students need a writing service that is affordable with their limited budget as they earn little from part-time jobs. We always want to keep our service charge minimal, so students find it convenient without any hesitations. Our price chart is given on the website, and we can assure you of a great deal. 

We believe that the amount we charge for such quality assignments will never be a burden for students who need to hire a writer more frequently. This allows students to get help from a bunch of quality authors for their academic writing without any trouble. Our passion is to value our client focus and to deliver our best work that will meet their highest expectations. Yet, if you can trace any discrepancies between our service and claim, we will compensate.

Placing an Order:

Assign U offers premium quality assignment writing services to our valued clients that reflect clients’ focus and reliability. Our assignments are crafted meticulously by well-experienced and professional authors and consultants. Following is the process that you need to know to order your assignment online-

  1. First, you need to submit your assignment requirements that include your discipline, academic level, paper details, deadline, page number, and spacing. You can also choose your writer preferences and give some additional information required.
  2. If you are a new customer, you need to fill out a form that requires your name, email, or phone number, and you have to create a password.
  3. Finally, you need to proceed with the payment amount that is calculated according to your required page number and deadline of the assignment. You can cooperate with the author and keep yourself updated regarding your assignment.

Know your assignment writers

At Assign U, we recruit our authors through a scrutiny procedure that includes a multiple-level assessment process along with tough interviews. We strictly comply with our policies and regulations to provide you a user-friendly platform that will replace all your worries with happiness. We have authors with substantial experience who can serve any special requirements of our valued clients. 

Our team of highly skilled writers, consultants, editors, and researchers is committed to delivering you a top-quality assignment and ensuring a bright academic career. We employ authors who are Ph.D. holders across numerous fields so that they can address every requirement of our valued customers. They have the ability to collect information from credible sources and to accomplish tasks effectively and punctually. A long-term experience of academic writing career makes our authors able to complete your task within the shortest deadline (4 Hours).


What’s the way to check assignments for plagiarism?

At Assign U, it’s our duty to make sure that your writing is plagiarism-free. It’s included in our writing procedures, and our writers do it by our plagiarism checker before delivering the complete paper. You simply can trust our service, and you can also check it yourself with other plagiarism checking tools.

What’s the compensation policy if there is a failure in my assignment delivery?

Though such an incident rarely happens with our valued clients, we are committed to giving you a full refund if there is a failure in our delivery process.

Can I ask my assignment writer for a further revision without additional cost?

At any stage of your assignment writing procedure, you are allowed to get updates on your writing and demand multiple revisions from our experts. In case you are a new client, never hesitate to inform us of your objections or query.

Can I choose who will write my assignment? 

When you decide to put an order for your assignment writing, you have to go through a simple ordering process. And we have this privilege for you to let you choose your own writer among our squad of most competent writers.

How much will it cost if I order an assignment writing online?

We maintain a price chart for our academic writing that is affordable for students, as they don’t have a fixed income. We also feel that the service could be urgent for a student at any time of their academic life. Our vision is to provide top-quality assignments with our valued clients at a reasonable price that they will never consider a burden. We charge a minimum of $14/page for a deadline of 14 days to a maximum of $40/page for a deadline of 4 hours. You can get the complete price chart on our website.

How do I proceed with payments for my assignment writing service?

You can complete your payment process at the same time you order for the writing service. To ensure a hassle-free transaction, we accept popular payment gateways like Mastercard, American Express, Visa, and Discover. Furthermore, your personal data and payment information must be kept secured and safe.

Is there any chance of getting caught purchasing an assignment online by your professor?

In the first place, buying an online assignment is never prohibited by any legal obligation. The fact that you should care about is choosing a perfect place to put your order. Assign U is highly confident about its authenticity to ensure you a safe dealing experience.

I paid someone to write my University Essay

Today we will talk about plagiarism. And if you are in university, school, college, I’m sure you’ve heard the word plagiarism. I’m sure you’ve heard of the consequences of plagiarizing. I’ve had a few comments and questions from you guys asking how to check your work for plagiarism to make sure that it isn’t plagiarized. You haven’t copied too much. I thought a perfect way of doing this is to get someone on Fiverr to write an essay. As you may or may not know, Fiverr is a place where you can kind of commission someone to do pretty much anything. I found a few sellers that were willing to write my essay for five dollars, which is about I think it’s like four pounds sixty. I paid someone. I paid three people to write my essays. 

I watched a documentary the other day about students that are getting ghostwriters to write the essays for them and how much trouble they got into in the end. And they got excluded from the universities. They were taking off their courses. They had to retake a year. It’s just not worth it. But I thought, let’s see what kind of work they do. Let’s see if the work is legitimate. Let us see this original, and let’s see if it’s plagiarized. And let me show you guys how to check your work and how to make sure that your work is not plagiarized. What is plagiarism now? There are a number of different types of plagiarism. The first one is;

  1. Direct plagiarism: Straight up copying someone else’s work, copy and pasting, no effort to change, no effort to reference, no effort to do anything. You’ve just copied someone else’s work. 
  2. Self Plagiarism: You may have submitted that work before in a previous essay, and you then resubmit the whole thing again for a different essay. And this can come up with self-plagiarism. 
  3. Mosaic Plagiarism: This kind can also be called paraphrasing. When you take someone else’s work, you change a few words. You use some synonyms for some words. It’s the same general structure, the same general vibe. It’s just slightly different terms of wording. This is still plagiarism.
  4. Accidental Plagiarism: This is where you may not have referenced everything you may not have is in the source of everything or sighted everything. But this is still plagiarism. 

I’ve never used five before, but on Fiverr. You have a range of different sellers, so you have level one sellers, level two sellers, and level three sellers. I’ve tried to pick sellers that are in all three categories. Higher sellers are more expensive. I gave them all the same brief. So I asked them to write an essay with three references and some critical thoughts on a topic that is my Ph.D. So I knew that I’d know what they’re talking about. About a month ago, I sent off the briefs, and I paid for them. There were about six or seven rejections, and other people didn’t reply. I got my money back. Someone else said that they didn’t want to do it, I got my money back. I’m also going to check for plagiarism because regardless of whether they are an A-level essay. If it’s plagiarized, it’s going straight into the bin, and so is your degree. So let’s check and let’s see how they did. 

The first one I got, I got it straight away. As soon as I sent it off, I sent her the brief. She replied and sent it to me straight away. It’s 200 words. So it’s not even abstract. It’s barely anything 200 words with additional research and references with citation. He has a Ph.D. in environmental sciences. I find it quite hard to believe that someone will write an original essay and do research for five dollars. The second person I chose is a guy, 500 words with topic research. Again, these are all one-day deliveries. So when I did manage to send it off successfully, I got a reply back within a day. He specializes in writing books on such a huge range, fashion, lifestyle, fitness, sports, health, science, and plagiarism-free. I find it very hard to believe that someone’s going to be able to write a book or an essay on all of those topics, and it’ll be perfect. Thirdly, the third person I picked was again a guy from Pakistan. So this person got loads of experience in health, medicine, education, psychology. 

So the first one, five references. That’s pretty good. I only asked the three. So five is good. I wouldn’t say that punctuation and spelling and grammar are the best, but that’s fine, essays there. My question was the role of Diaphanous in the acting cortex, and Diaphanous is a vital part of the acting cortex for many different kinds of structure roles, cell division. And it looks like she’s done lots of research. I don’t see much critical thoughts. So I wouldn’t say that this hits the top range of exam answers. I guess it’s not bad. Let’s be honest. It’s not bad. 

The second essay has only two references. One is Wikipedia. So that already tells me that’s not fantastic. There’s no referencing in the actual essay. So straight away, that’s plagiarism. So he’s written the first sentence, introducing Diaphanous. The third sentence says our findings indicate that he’s clearly copied and pasted this from a research paper because you don’t say our findings when you write an essay. You say the findings of this lab. Let’s try the third one. Quite a long essay. Looks decent. I like this person. They’ve stuck to the brief. 

So what I’m using plagiarism is EduBirdie, which tells you exactly where everything comes from. So hopefully, this does that as well. It shows you exactly the page that is plagiarized and exactly where it comes from. It doesn’t matter if it’s a blog in the corner of the Internet. This essay is 70 percent unique, which means that it’s 30 percent plagiarized, which is very high. That’s quite high, mainly because they aren’t in-text referencing. You are allowed to have a certain amount of percentage plagiarized because they are just standard sentences that you can’t get away with. Not saying, but anything over 10 to 15 percent is checked quite thoroughly. So 30 percent is quite high. 

Essay number two, so this essay is almost 50 percent unique. So 50 percent of it is plagiarized. And as you can see, it’s not only just plagiarized, but it’s not referenced as well. So they’ve just plagiarized information, copied it straight up, and probably changed one or two words. That isn’t good. I paid for that. You submit that to your university, and that’s your whole degree down the drain. It’s not a joke. Guys, don’t do it. This person has gone to a WordPress blog and has found some information about Diaphanous one and just copied it.

Let’s check essay three. I want to show you guys that it’s not worth it. It isn’t worth it. 58 percent unique. This one is 42 percent plagiarized. It’s just a massive big chunk of writing that’s been copied. And you know what? This person is so smart. They copied it from Abcam. And Abcam is a place where you go to purchase antibodies. They’ve also gone to uniport, which is only used by scientists or people in the science field.

As you can see, all three essays would have led you to lose your degree. That’s just straight up. I get so many messages from you asking how much plagiarism, how do I know plagiarized. You don’t need to check because if you write your essay and you know what you’ve written is original, I know that I’ve taken information from different places when I write my essays. I tried to work out what I want to say, and that sentence I’ve written is original. Therefore, I don’t worry about plagiarism. I know that I’m fine. So if you’re asking how to find out whether your words plagiarized or not, that should tell you that you need to redo that piece. That should tell you that you need to go back and write originally. And I know it can be hard. I know it’s tough. Taking the time to plan your essays and be organized will lead you not to have to find out whether something is plagiarized.