Finance is a broad term and can refer to a lot of different areas, such as corporate finance, international finance, and personal finance. It’s also an important topic; if you’re an entrepreneur, you probably have a lot of financial decisions to make, and if you’re a consumer, you probably have a lot of questions about finance, such as “What should I do with this money?” or “How do I manage what I have?”.

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A plagiarized text

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Accounting assignment help may not make sense to you since you don’t know the format of assignments. One needs to understand graphs, balance sheets, and calculations. Perhaps this will be a bit challenging for you to comprehend.

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Information about the subject

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What is Finance and Its Importance?

The role of finance is to manage and direct money. A comprehensive set of activities such as investing, borrowing, lending, budgeting, investing, saving, and forecasting can be found within it. Also, finance refers to the provision of funds or credit for something. For example, a bank may lend money to build a house.

Almost every individual, every small or big business, depends on financial assistance to launch a business, such as buying premises, equipment and ads. The cash flow of a business is crucial for paying its employees and suppliers on time. Furthermore, it helps expand the business to a new city or country. Financing programs can benefit consumers and businesses since they allow consumers to make more purchases and be more flexible.

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Branches of Finance

Students need to study various types of financial studies during their graduation or postgraduate program. Among these categories are:

Corporate Finance

Financial processes for a company are managed by corporate finance, whether they are short-term or long-term. Corporate finance includes capital structure, funding, and financial resources, among other things.

Personal finance

The individual’s whole financial picture is taken into account. There are many activities involved in personal finance. These include mortgages, loans, savings, taxes, and insurance.

International Finance

It includes the study of financial trends and activities which influence international trade. Exchange rates and foreign investments also fall within this group.

Public Finance

Government finance refers to the revenue generated by the government and its financial expenditures or projects.

Behavioral Finance

The field of economics is new and focuses on learning psychological theories to understand the stock market and possible discrepancies. Moreover, it also aims to understand consumers and their behavior, trader, and investor behaviors.

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Which Topics Are Covered by Our Finance Assignment Experts?

Finance homework is broken down into several categories, and students must first identify the type of help they need. A student can consult a financial expert after identifying an appropriate category. Finance assignment types are listed below.

Behavioral finance

A behavioral finance perspective is a study of how investors’ psychological states affect their investment decisions. A variety of factors influences the behavior of investors. Behavioral distortions and psychological pressure need to be closely monitored to prevent and reduce poor financial decisions. By our finance tutors, loss aversion, recency bias, and anchoring are the major Behavioral Finance factors that impact investor behavior. Psychology plays a large part in every one of these factors, which negatively impacts an investor’s decision.

Corporate finance

Business finance involves deciding how to achieve an organization’s goals concerning a firm’s future growth and development plans. Corporations use corporate finance to develop their brand as opposed to accounting, which is concerned with balancing and reporting their revenue and expenditure. Therefore, a company’s balance sheet is divided into two main categories, each of which contains two subcategories. This section includes Assets and Liabilities. In the asset section, there are two subcategories, including assets in place and growth assets, and in the liabilities section, there are debt and equity. So the student studying corporate finance management should develop a unique perspective on the topic, which may require additional effort. As students, we recognize the difficulties they face while attempting corporate assignments. Financial assignment help online helps students build their knowledge of corporate finance and creates accurate, high-quality assignments. 

International finance

International finance involves analyzing, monitoring, and reporting finances moving between countries. Businesses and nations are financed or borrowed based on their performance. There are two main types of international finance – international debt and international investments. Experts at our finance assignment help service say that commercial banks, international agencies, development banks, capital markets, and private investors offer international financing.

International market investment

The other type of international finance involves corporate and business professionals investing voluntary funds in the market. A majority of developing nations have successfully implemented this form of financing, with China, India, South Africa, Brazil and Russia showing the strongest interest. An international financing method in which multinational companies, corporations, and governments invest the excess funds into a market to expand business in certain markets.

Public Finance

In public limited companies, finance is associated with schools, government institutions, and government agencies. Governments earn income directly or acquire investments through projects they are pursuing. The expenditures and debts made by different government agencies and the revenues generated fall under public finance.

Personal finance

In liquid cash, these are surplus funds that can be readily accessed and invested in expansions or assets. In contrast to relying on external sources for funding, personal finance allows individuals and businesses to fund their operations and needs when necessary. The business can liquidate funds in the shortest time possible. This process also saves the business money by avoiding the payment of interest on borrowed funds. Personal loans fall under the category of friendly lending. The investor does not need to sign any legal agreements or pay interest to obtain funding from family, friends, or other well-wishers.

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How much does it cost to complete my finance assignment?

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finance assignment help

Financial Analysis

This is an article on financial analysis of North Korea, which is essentially a planned system, Switzerland, which is one of the most advanced free-market economies, and the United States, a highly developed mixed economy. 

Economic Freedom Scores

This is from the Heritage Foundation, and the score is based on these 12 factors of freedom. Down below the graph:

You can see Switzerland and the United States are very similar in scores, with Switzerland being in the purple and the United States in the yellow. They are higher than the world average of economic freedom. And North Korea is very low in terms of economic freedom based on all of the factors above. And they have a 40 point lower score than the limit for being a repressed nation. 

Economic Freedom to Trade Score 

Trade is significant in the economy’s growth for every country, and neither Fraser nor Heritage have any data on North Korea’s freedom to trade. However, the scores between Switzerland and the United States are very close together.  Switzerland is at 7.62 on a scale of 10, and the United States at 7.67 on a scale of 10. As you can see here;

They have many other similarities in terms of freedom, regulation and money, soundness and legal system, property rights, and government size. 

Population Comparison

On the population comparison of these three countries, the United States has a substantially larger population than Switzerland and North Korea even combined. And Switzerland even has a lower population than North Korea. And I thought that it was an exciting thing to note. Still, it looks like the ratio between population and economic freedom had nothing to do with the size of the population, just the government surrounding it. 

GDP Comparison

It does have to do, however, with the GDP of each country. And since the United States, one of the factors that make the GDP so large is that the United States has a higher population and values, and you can see here are in the trillions, which makes this graph. So the different values are so far away from each other because of that high gap.

And then you can see Switzerland is still above North Korea, and North Korea has one of the lowest GDP. But in comparison values.

Economic Freedom

For North Korea, their economy is a centrally planned system and their economies the least free this past year. Dozens of tried economic liberalization as recently as 2012, but they failed, which is why their economy is still the worst today. The United States economy is a highly developed, mixed economy, and they have the world’s largest economy by nominal GDP and wealth. Their success has to do with their natural resources, infrastructure and technological advancements. As for Switzerland, they are one of the most advanced free-market economies. They lead the world in exporting watches and clocks, and they have laws to protect their trade for agriculture. 

Power of Trade

There are many benefits to international trading, and one of the main ones is it lowers world prices, which helps boost the economy. The United States and Switzerland’s prices of goods and services are self-regulated by the open market, and consumers do due to having an open market. And North Korea has stringent trade laws, so they only trade with China. 

Great Recession

The recession is something that affected the United States harshly. It resulted in a lot of banks failing around the world. Like a domino effect and due to a big trade country like the United States struggling, it led to other countries struggling. Switzerland was able to revive their suffering economy by reducing taxes and lowering interest rates and other stuff like that, while North Korea had no effect because of their controlled economy. 


North Korea is the last and just about everything possible, and a lot of the people there are malnourished because they have no money anyway to feed themselves and feed their families. And that’s why they tried to end their controlled economy. While Switzerland has a booming economy, even though their population is nowhere near the size of the US, they’re still very successful. The US is one of the largest countries in the world, which is why it has the largest economy. And I’ve concluded that free-market economies allow for economic growth and overall advancement as a country, and you make your citizens happier compared to having a controlled economy.