How many times a day do you tell yourself I hate homework? No matter how good as a student you are, you may avoid doing your homework from time to time. When you procrastinate on your project home assignment, you’d better understand other students’ pain points by browsing funny college memes.

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Although it’s nearly impossible to join the no homework movement, you can make the process easier. With funny homework memes, not only can it make you laugh at your problems, but it can also motivate you to get your homework done fast.

Here’s the list of 25 homework students memes everyone will love:

1. When Your Nerves are Bad, this Meme Helps

Every time I’m about to drop out of college and the homework ban.

2. Every. Single. Time

Such a true meme. Is it about self-education, huh?

3. Run, run, run!

I didn’t know I could run that fast.

4. What a Smart Move

Can I copy your homework meme? If you wonder why we don’t go home after classes.

5. The Best Weekend Plan Ever. Thanks, Meme!

Oh, yes, it’s the best idea ever, I bet.

6. Who is a Betrayer?

Who is that nerd? Who wants a better grade? Come get him!

7. Say What?

Isn’t it about you? We all have been there.

8. Yes, I’m Fine, Thanks

I tried hard. Tell me if it was worth it.

9. This Meme is the Ugly Truth

Is it a way to achieve success in your life? I doubt.

10. More Tasks, Please

I had been tolerating for many years.

11. I Wish I Had a Dog

Oh, no. This happens all the time even though I don’t have a dog.

12. Always.

Obviously, and not tomorrow.

13. We Should Stay Together

It’s a new day and new home assignments. We need to help each other, folks.

14. We’ve Been Waiting for This!

Cancel it! We wish you could forget, dear teacher.

15. Back to School, Back to Homework and Reality

Bye-bye Google, Pinterest, Twitter. Hey there, school homework and my favorite homework meme. Isn’t it a bad college life?

16. Who is the Lucky One?

No, it wasn’t my dog who ate my homework, but it still worked! Thanks Google for excuses.

17. So Close!

What a useful homework meme! Just pretend you didn’t know about the home assignment.

18. This Meme is the Ultimate Guide to Doing Homework

Who else starts working on homework with browsing the internet and looking for a funny meme?

19. Kick Back and Relax

Was it a dream or a joke? The day I’ll never forget and the story my parents will never believe.

20. One More Minute, Please

Ask me about the art of doing nothing. This meme is literally me.

21. A Meme Dedicated to Every STEM Student

There’s no need to share this meme on Twitter – it happens every time! During the lecture, everything seemed to be clear until I opened my math homework task.

22. Literally Me Every Single Day

I’m not dead tired – I just don’t want to spend another hour reading the task and doing my homework. Just let me browse another one meme instead.

23. At Least, It Didn’t Kill Me

I’m good at Math unless I have to do my geometry homework assignments.

24. It Was Easy, Right

Have you ever heard about homework without tears? Especially when it comes to philosophy assignments.

25. I Need Another Meme!

One does not simply stop browsing homework memes.

As students, most of us want to have more fun. However, we still need to work on our homework to get good grades and obtain a college degree. Thus, it’s better to laugh at funny memes and get back to work.

Have we left something off the list? Leave a comment to share your favorite homework meme.