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MS Access Homework Help Online

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What is MS Access?

Microsoft’s product offers graphical user interfaces, a database engine, and tools for developing software. The program comes as part of Microsoft’s office PC suite and stores data in its format, and imports links directly to stored data in other office-suit programs. The system can be used with Visual Basic and object-oriented programming. Microsoft access can be beneficial to business when creating browser-based applications for managing and running the business. A SQL database provides security while sharing data with a group, such as colleagues or business partners.

Microsoft Access is a complex program that requires a great deal of work input. Due to the overload of assignments, students may find it difficult to cope and thus require an alternative option to submit their work for assistance. With the help of highly qualified, vastly experienced and dedicated Microsoft Access assignment help experts, we assist students dealing with such problems.

How Do You Do My Access Assignment?

On the Internet, finding a reliable expert to help you with an assignment can be difficult. If you searched on Google for “do my access assignment”, then you are at the right place.  We strive extra hard at AssignU Assignment Helper to reach out to students who need professional assistance with their assignments. The years of experience we have in the niche have preserved our reputation.

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Objects in Ms Access

Objects enable us to list and organize information in Access, as well as create special reports. You can immediately begin using tables, queries, forms, reports, macros, and modules after creating an Access database. In this section, we’ll introduce four of the major objects in Access:


Tables are used to store data in Access. When you create a table, you are prompted to specify fields. It is important to remember that every field must have a unique name and data type. A database contains columns and fields that store data of various types. For the primary key, you should select a field whose value is unique for each record.


Searching for consolidated data across multiple tables is possible by utilizing a query. You can express detailed information to your database by querying it. Also, a query can specify the exact search conditions to locate the precise information that’s needed.


The object may be used to enter or display data or control the execution of an application. Data is displayed using forms used to customize the information that applications extract from tables or queries. AssignU offers detailed documents on MS Access forms with its MS Access homework help.


Report’s format, calculate, print, and summarize the selected data. This printable version can be viewed on your computer screen before printing. The purpose of reports in Access is to display the results of any query or table.

This article does not cover all aspects of MS Access. Please let us know if you are allocated an assignment not listed here. When you contact us, please state, “Do my MS Access assignment. Our representatives will help you find someone who is an expert in the area, and your requirements will be met when you meet with our representative. We provide well-researched, error-free reports for all your Microsoft Access assignments, with no plagiarism or grammatical errors. Our team of industry professionals have years of experience to help you with any assignment.

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Access Assignment

I’ve had several questions on completing assignment one, the small database project building a Microsoft Access. So for those of you that haven’t completed or submitted the assignment yet, I wanted to provide some information about what to expect and what you need to get done. So, where do we want to leave off inside the actual program? If you want to have a completed invoice module, it doesn’t have to have a background picture like this. But essentially, you want to have your date of sale, invoice number, employee I.D., customer I.D., all your product information, quantity, retail, and total items. And also, at the bottom, you want to make sure you have your subtotal adding up all these items here in the total items column. 

Your HST and your total at the bottom, which is just your HST on your subtotal. And then there’s a series of data that you have to enter in as invoices. I’m going to show you where that is either. So as I scroll through here, I have different invoices now that I’ve entered into my system and saved. So for the invoice module itself, if you haven’t completed that, you can find videos right inside Elearn under context. There’s a heading there called Access How-to videos and put everything in there If you haven’t had a chance to review them all yet. And just on the invoice module alone, there are four videos that will take you step by step through the process to complete your video module. Once you have your invoice module completed, make sure you’ve got the currency in the correct currency and double-check and make sure it is calculated correctly.

Ensure the HST is 30 percent of your subtotal that your total equals that HST of t your subtotal combined. Once you have everything completely functional and working at the level straight to that, you need to enter some data into your invoice module, and you can find that rate in the tab where it says MY ERP, and you will find a file in the Excel file. It’s called customer invoices 2020. Open that up.

Now, some of you in the labs in the class had keyed in the method of payment field within your invoice module, which is great. If you didn’t get that far, don’t be concerned about it. Just don’t pay any attention to column G here. But what you’re going to find on this spreadsheet is you’re going to see data sort of clustered like, for example, here on rows two, three, and four. This would represent one single invoice. So we’ve got our customer or employee, the item you bought, the quantity and the amount. Now, a couple of things I want to point out. Some of you may not have the same employee or customer necessarily in the databases you’re using. At this point, whatever you look for, the actual customer and the employee, if you can’t find, for example, the specific employee, please feel free to use anybody that you’ve already got in your fields and forms.

Ideally was with this project, you were supposed to use your employee-customer forms to enter new people and new customers and employees so that you can see how these tables are connected and how they would magically appear from your drop-down menu within your invoice module. But we’re going to cut this and keep it as simple as possible. So, by all means, go ahead and look for these people first. If you don’t see them, whoever’s available, go ahead and use them, use whoever you find. Now, you may find that when you select some of these items within your invoice module, the price that comes up on your system will differ from what’s on the spreadsheet. Please use whatever price comes up within your system as your correct price.

This was a little twist put into the project that we were going to look at how we were going to put controls in place in our system. Again, given everything that’s going on, we’re not going to go there. So, again, whatever price happens to pop up on your system, use that. But please be mindful and put in the quantities correctly. So when you get down this Hannah Smith, she bought this FireWire from Apple, and she bought three. So make sure you get your quantities in. And again, all these items you’ll see clustered. So, for example, Rows two to four is an invoice, row six and seven is a separate invoice, row nine to twelve that’s an invoice. This will all be one invoice.

So when you go into your module, as you’re entering invoices, you would go down to the bottom here, and you would start to go through your records. You can see here I’m at thirty-eight of forty-one records. So there’s forty-one. This would be, for example, the last invoice that I entered into my system. 

So when I want to enter a new invoice, I would select the right arrow, and now I’m in a new field here. I could tap down. We never want to type anything, put any data here and this invoice I.D., if you recall, when we set this up, that particular field was set to auto number so that Access will automatically be created to an invoice number. And then you go in, and you just put in your dates and all your information, and when you’re finished, then go to the next one and keep moving through it. So I hope that helps you. Again If you didn’t get the method of payment built into your module in the labs, don’t worry about it. Look for your customers’ employees as you see them on the record here. If you don’t find a specific person, use whoever shows up on your list, and we’ll call it a day and then save your work, and then you can submit it to Dropbox.