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Nowadays people have to be engaged with a lot of activities to compensate with both life and career. You may be a student and have a part-time job, so sometimes you don’t have the time to thoroughly study and submit an assignment that has to be presented during a tight schedule. So, if the project could be done by someone else who knows the topic well and you can work without any stress, wouldn’t that be great? 

Yes, there are a lot of sites that do the job for you. But some of them lack quality the quantity of content and charges a huge sum of money for each cumbersome assignment. As a student, you may not have that amount of money, so you back down. Sometimes not submitting the project on time can also cause failure in the course.

But there is an easy solution to get quality assignments from experts at the cheapest cost possible. And you can order any type of academic written works from our list in your preferred schedule, and the price is according to your work.

Assign U has got most professional experts in each field of studies stated. They have both academic and practical understanding of each issue, and they can assist you with any type of homework assistance you require and explain it to you. We have the perfect person for the task, no matter how complex your problem is.

And you may think this excellent service may be costly. Can I afford it? I’m not sure! But Assign U assures you quality as well as the cost as stated before. You don’t have to worry about your pocket for increasing your grade. We understand your need and support you according to it all the time.

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Get quality assignments done at the lowest cost. 

Assign U is a website that covers your assignment and homework needs anytime. It covers a lot of major subjects that students face problems with, and we got academic writers and certified professionals to back all of those topics. 

So, whenever you need an assignment, whether you need it in 1 day or one week, or one month our service is open 24/7 to assist you in getting over with the assignment you are assigned with. And all of this comes with the cheapest cost in the market.

Yes, your heard right. All of these amazing services which including major subjects, many types of academic writing styles, and education level-wise writing in your preferred schedule comes with adjustable costs according to the need you have.

The cost is based on the word count and time limit you set. So, you don’t have to pay the same amount of money if you need the assignment after seven days or 14 days. You can relax about that. Our student-friendly packages will help one to get the desired result or increase his/her grade without getting broke. We care about you. We are the relief for your life, for your assignment.  Assign U is there for you.

Types of academic writing covered by Assign U 

There are various types of academic writing. Academic writing should be clear, concise, plagiarism-free, and the structure should be standard. Obviously, it has to be formal, and it should avoid any long sentences and complicated elements. The primary purposes of academic writings are to persuade, analyze and inform the audience about the topic logically and clearly. 

Sometimes the writing style should be varied as the assignment demands grading. One has to deduct the understanding level of the reader and write the topic according to it. And, we have experts who understand these facts and complete your assignment with quality and at the cheapest cost possible.

Assign U covers almost all types of academic writing for you. Such as:-

  • Essay of any types                       
  • Admission essay
  • Annotated bibliography
  • Argumentative essays
  • Article review
  • Assignments
  • Blog post
  • Book/movie review
  • Business plan
  • Capstone project
  • Case study
  • College essay
  • Coursework
  • Creative writing 
  • Critical thinking
  • Discussion essay
  • Dissertation
  • Homework
  • Journal article
  • Lab report
  • Literature analysis/Review
  • Memo/letter
  • Outline
  • Personal reflection
  • Poem
  • Presentation
  • Project
  • Question-Answer
  • Reflection paper or essay
  • Research paper
  • Research proposal
  • Response essay
  • Speech
  • Summary
  • Term paper
  • Thesis or thesis chapter
  • Others

All of these options but come with a cost that suits your need. And you can also find assignment suitable for your study level, for example:-

  • If you are a High school student
  • If you are an Undergrad student of 1st and 2nd year
  • If you are an Undergrad student of 3rd and 4th year
  • If you are a graduate
  • If you are a Ph.D. student

Assign U to have all categories of experts who can assist you in your budget.

Assign U sets budget according to your need.

In some sites, no matter how short your assignment is or how many days after your assignment is needed, they charge a lot, and most of the students cant afford it. As a result, they find low-quality sites where assignments are cheap, but they provide you copied content and low-quality articles. As a result, you may fail in your course as plagiarism is an academic crime.

On our site, you will get quality in your budget range. You can set time limits. You will fix the words and pages you want and the price according to it.

For example, you can schedule an article for 4,8,24, or 48 hours or even 3, 5, 7, or 14 days. Even if you need it in an emergency, you can also contact us 24/7.  Day-wise price varies if you need it more short time the cost will be little higher then the 14 days one, but still, it is considerably low as we maintain quality as we promise. You can check our samples before ordering so you will have a clear idea of how the output will be.

Also, with pages and word increase, pricing will vary, which you can understand from the interactive pricing calculator from the Assign U website. There are no hidden service charges or costs. You will be charged what you calculate.

And the amazing thing about the site is revisions are also free and we check your assignment or homework for plagiarism free of cost also.

Huge roaster of subjects to choose from in your budget

If you think there may be a shortage of subjects you can choose from if you have a low budget, you don’t know Assign U. On this site, we cover most of the topics students from different levels stated before face problems with and help them accordingly it. We cover various subjects stated below and an unlimited amount of subtopics from each topic. If you are searching for the most troublesome assignment’s solution, you are in the right place. Our experts will help you anytime, which saves your time and cost.

Some of our disciplines from where you can choose and order are stated below:-

Marketing assignment

Marketing professionals from different recognized marketing disciplines can comprehend even the most complex topics and simplify them for you. Our experienced assignment writers can also address complicated themes that require not only theoretical knowledge but also a clear and thorough grasp of the issue.

Assign U can help you with logical and theoretically accurate marketing assignment help.

Economics Assignment 

The most challenging subject in business courses is economics. Some topics are difficult to grasp, but they are lucrative in terms of improving grades if you can finish the project with unique and logical justifications. We have experts who can provide economics assignment help in your budget. We can also help you understand and complete your assignment on various economics topics.

Law Assignment 

There are numerous types of legislation that change from one country to the next in the legal field. However, teachers may occasionally set puzzling imaginative homework that you will not be able to complete in a single day. Furthermore, you may not have the time to sift through pages of text or surf the web for hours looking for a solution. But with Assign U, you can find experts from legal fields to help you with your assignment.

We provide expert law assignment help provided by law professionals in your budget. These specialists have real-world experience as well as extensive academic knowledge of the law, which you may obtain quickly via our website.

Math Assignment 

We all have a phobia of mathematics, don’t we? No matter how skilled you are, if you make a specific mistake in a substantial quantity of math, the entire calculation can be inaccurate. However, it is both exciting and demanding. It should also be highlighted that one can manipulate the problems in whatever way the teacher desires. As a result, you may become frustrated with your assignment at any point. So, we have experts who can solve your frustration and saves the day.

Biology Assignment 

It’s a land of complicated scientific names and figures that will make your head spin if you don’t draw them correctly. Yes, we all tried to design a cell division process, but it occasionally looks like an egg instead! Do you want to receive good scores and submit a cell figure instead of the egg? Yes, we have a team of expert assignment writers on hand to help you with this too.

Chemistry Assignment 

Chemistry is a complicated subject with millions of reaction variations that might boggle your head. Even if you study for a long time, you may not be able to complete a complex reaction assignment if you don’t understand the fundamental cause, which requires an expert to solve. However, our expert may be able to assist you with this on our website.

 You can get accurate chemistry assignment help with your budget from the site.

Physics Assignment 

Physics is an intriguing subject to pursue, yet its mathematical terms and creative issues can be hard to tackle at times. Assign U is a great choice in this case. This website is made up of specialists and professionals who can assist you with any physics issue or math.

Therefore, you will find perfect help in science subjects, including physics. Our physics assignment help service offers help on various topics and more!

Programming Assignment

The programming world is enormous. There are some well-known and extensively used languages that are difficult to learn and apply in a real-world project. There is C programming, C++ programming, Java, Python programming, database programming, Matlab programming, etc. These languages are incredibly beneficial to programmers, web designers, game developers, and other developers. However, when it comes to passing the grade, several skilled coders cannot do so due to a lack of theoretical knowledge.

In this case, our experts can help you with various topics of programming.

History Assignment

History is a broad and significant subject with numerous periods, times, events, and symbols. You may believe that it is effortless to search for it on Google and write the first item in the search results. But never, ever, ever do that! History is sometimes written by persons who do not know of the events. Therefore publishing their works may be the cause for your rejection in the exam or assignment. The history teacher prefers that their students’ projects be free of fabricated content. They want the most accurate. As a result, our history experts can undoubtedly assist you in providing the correct facts in your assignment.

Geography Assignment 

Geography is a subject that focuses on the structure of all nonliving things on the planet. It’s an intriguing topic to learn about and read about. However, there are certain complex features in geography subsectors such as physical geography, biogeography, climate geography, meteorology, coastal and environmental geography, geomorphology, and so on.

You can get geography assignment help from our experts to complete your assignments on time and with your budget.

SPSS Assignment 

SPSS is a statistics program that maintains data and is used to analyze social and statistical data. There are hundreds of SPSS lessons available, but without a thorough understanding of SPSS, you will be unable to handle complex problems that demand advanced programming skills. However, on our website, you can find experts who can save your life and handle your homework effectively.

If you need any help with SPSS assignments, you can contact our expert assignment writers for high-quality SPSS assignment help.

These are some of our expertise, but we have a wide variety of topics, and if you need assistance beyond the topic on the site, you can contact us. You can learn more about us by contacting our customer service. We are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, so call us whenever you like. Our professionals are always available to assist you in whatever way and at whatever time you require. If you like, you can even get a thorough explanation of each assignment.

Why Choose Assign U for Help with My Assignment?

Assign U helps students to get relief from assignments and remain stress-free. We guarantee high-quality, one-of-a-kind, and accurate assignments. We always do our best not to disappoint our clients. We never compromise on the quality of a project because it is so essential to a student.

Some of the reasons why we can be your assignment writing service are listed below.

Authentic Assignment Copy

Plagiarism is a type of dishonesty that can lead to your grade being severely lost. It will harm your perception of your instructor and cause your university records to fail. We understand how hard it is to build an authentic, error-free task.

If you are tired of looking for a unique copy of your assignment, Assign U can help you get one. Moreover, to avoid any accidental plagiarism, we do many online plagiarisms checks to make sure your homework unique.

Grammatically accurate

We also have authors who speak English fluently. The vast majority of them speak English fluently. Even they have the particular set of skills to write any topic with perfect grammar and accurate perception.

They have also graduated from prestigious universities where English is also taught as a second language. As a result, there is a very low chance that your assignment will contain any grammatical errors. Nonetheless, we run online grammar checks to ensure that no grammatical errors exist.

Delivery on time

We are very diligent about meeting deadlines. We always finish our jobs on time. Furthermore, if you require immediate delivery, we also do that after consulting with you.

We do not allow our clients to miss any deadlines for completing their work, even if we do not exceed our deadline. As a consequence, you can count on us to complete your task on time while never sacrificing the quality of the work.

Revisions free of cost

If any changes are required in work, we offer free revisions to our clients. You have the option of requesting a portion of your assignment. You will be allowed to make any necessary changes before the deadline. That saves any extra cost and makes your assignment perfect and free from errors. 

Privacy Protection

We respect our clients’ privacy, which is why we never reveal our clients’ identities to anyone, even after your task is over. You may be confident that your information will not be shared with anyone.

Cost-Effective Deal

We understand how valuable a student’s money is. As a result, we ask our clients to pay a low and reasonable fee for a whole contract. We doubt you’ll find a better deal for such high-quality work anywhere else.

Quality work for your payment

We consistently aim to give first-class services and assignments to our clients. More information on this can be found in our review section. However, if you discover any discrepancies between our work and the claims we make, we offer a money-back guarantee. But, as we never compromise on the quality of our work, this will almost probably be a one-time incident. As a result, you may count on us for professional assignment help.


Do You Provide Assistance for project or thesis Writing?

Yes, we do more than only write assignments for high school and college students. We also offer experienced thesis writing assistance to Masters and MBA students. For a fair fee, we can assist you in writing high-quality, plagiarism-free projects.

As a thesis contains a higher amount of credit or grade we carefully handle it. Even if your need a specific portion of your thesis done you can also order it on our site we will complete it in your schedule.

Can I get quality assignments at a low cost or budget? 

It is decided by several factors, including the assignment’s topic, length, and deadline. You can, however, use our calculator to get a quick approximation of the costs involved. Please contact us if you require a more detailed estimate.

Assign U tries to provide its customer quality works at reasonable costing depending on the above-mentioned factor. Even customers are provided with work samples for the understanding of the work. So the best use of your money and time you can trust Assign U.

How Can Assign U Help Me maintaining the quality of the work?

A well-written assignment with coherent material and no plagiarism assures that higher progress is made. Many websites write weird stuff, copy and take a lot of money from you, but finally, even if you fail, you won’t receive any credit for that at all.

Assign U on the other hand has experts in most of the major fields who have profound knowledge on a topic and can help exactly with what you may need. You can trust us with your homework and assignment and choose the correct expert so you can get a boost in your grade. 

Cheap Assignment

It is 10;36 pm, and I have an essay due tomorrow at 11 a.m. I don’t feel like writing it. I’ve got other things to do other than writing an essay the entire night right now, like sleeping. That’s one thing that I enjoy doing. So I decided, why don’t I pay someone on Fiverr five bucks to write me an essay? It was surprisingly hard to get someone to write my entire essay for five dollars. No matter how many times I told them that I don’t care how good the essay is, write me something.

Since I needed the essay done fast, only one person could find that would do it for five dollars and within the time frame that I needed. Her name is Dorothy Haron from Kenya. Because of that, there are two things that I can expect here. A very poorly written essay or a completely plagiarized essay. For five bucks to get what you pay for. So I sent her a message that I need this essay done fast. It’s five hundred words, but I only got five bucks. Having good sources doesn’t matter. I don’t care if the essay is at its best. I need something to turn in within the next five hours. She says hello, your budget is small. Make it 10 dollars, please. I could pay more money, but I don’t care what grade I get on this, and I want to see what I can get for five bucks. So in that case, I say that’s right, please only put in five dollars worth of effort. But if you could stretch it to 500 words, I don’t expect anything great. I need something, anything. I’ll give you a good rating no matter what. And then she says that one is far away, small, please.

Of course, I assume here that she meant that that’s not enough. As I said, I don’t care if the essay is good enough. For five dollars, I’ll take anything you give me so long as it’s 500 words and follows a prompt. I don’t even need the sources used to be cited. And then she says she’ll do it. And I gave her the time frame, and she sent me the offer. And then I went ahead and made the payment for the offer. Something that I noticed, I never realized this because I was always the seller on Fiverr. But when you’re buying something on Fiverr, Fiverr charges a two-dollar service fee, and they take a dollar for every five dollars that the seller is making too. 

So now that the order is placed, all that’s left to do is go to bed peacefully, get my rest, and know that my essay is being written for me by an individual in Kenya. And I’m looking forward to seeing what I’m about to turn in to my professor tomorrow morning. The following day I woke up at 6:47 a.m., and let’s see if we got our delivery. We got it. Dorothy Haron delivered your order. So let’s see if this is 500 words because I don’t think it is. And it is 537 words. I’m not going to read the entire essay right now.

To summarize, it was a poorly written essay, but it met all the guidelines that I sent her, so I decided I could print it out and bring it to school and turn it in to my English professor. I’d appreciate it. I was able to get some video of my professor reading the paper, looking at his facial expressions. I could tell he was perplexed and a little disappointed by the end of the class. I did get my essay back. Now, you might be wondering, how did I get it back so fast? Usually, it takes at least a few days. Well, it was mainly because he had to talk to me after class about it. I’m going to go home really quick, and then I’ll get into more detail about my results. 

Before I go over my essay and show you a grade I got, I want to do a few more things. So we’re going to use Grammarly and Plagiarism Checker. We didn’t find any plagiarism, but we found eight writing issues. Now I still needed to give the individual a rating. She met all the requirements I had set, including writing 500 words, doing it on time, and doing it for five dollars. So, in this case, I’m going to give her five stars. She deserves it. Delivered exactly what I wanted. Actually, not really. It’s not what I wanted, but close enough. So exactly what I asked for is probably a better way to put it.

Now we can look at the grading results. I got an NG, no grade. So the essay had no hook, and he said repetition. So I guess Loving and caring words were repeated a bunch throughout this essay. Let’s have a more focused thesis. And on the back here, he wrote, Good effort, we need to work on the structure and to be specific with your argument. Let’s talk. And we did talk. And that’s when I told him I paid someone five bucks from Africa to write my essay. He loved it. He loved it. He thought it was the funniest thing ever. And my English professor said he could tell right away that this paper was written by someone who had English as a second language. He was like, I have to redo it. 

So it seems like paying someone in Africa five dollars to write your essay is not a good idea, and it’s not going to get you an A in English, no matter how lenient your professor might be. That was my fun little experiment. I learned from this that if you’re going to pay someone to write your essay, pay more than five dollars and pay someone fluent in English.