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The List of Homework Planner Apps Every Student Should Know

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As a student, you may have a lot on your plate. From attending lectures to working on coursework and homework assignments, it can be daunting to keep a work-study-life balance. When teachers assign too much homework, you don’t know how to manage your time wisely.

The solution? Give online homework planner apps a try!


With the variety of homework apps on the market, students can make the educational process easier, especially if they use apps that help to plan study sessions, send homework reminders, and keep track of progress. In other words, using academic planner apps is a great way to increase productivity, boost motivation, and become an A+ student with ease.

Here’re top 11 homework planner apps on the market:

1. My Homework

Price: free/$4.99Download: iOS | Android

myHomework is a decision for students and their schools to make the educational process easier. It’s designed for college students who need to keep track of their assignments, tests, and homework. The tool has many advantages like sync calendar, reminders, and user-friendly design. As one of the first homework planner apps (launched in 2009), it has many testimonials from users who enjoy its features.

Pros: Intuitive design Affordable price Positive customer reviewsCons: No ability to change the font size

2. My Study Life

Price: freeDownload: iOS | Android

MyStudyLife is another app that helps to keep track of your academic life. It’s a cross-platform student planner that can fit teachers and lecturers and allow users to manage their college duties (homework, exams, lectures), so it’s a perfect fit for college students. It’s available on all popular devices and it syncs data, so students can get access to their tasks wherever they are.

Pros: Sync data Variety of tasks to do Push up remindersCons: No notifications to enter the information Time-consuming setup process


Price: free/$2.99Download: iOS | Android

With the iStudiez Pro app, it’s easy to plan classes and homework, add assignments, and track your grades. This app is a great way to plan a homework schedule and improve time management skills. It also sends notifications so that users never miss deadlines. Over the last 9 years, iStudiez has attracted many users who love its features and recommend this tool to other peers.

Pros: Grades tracking Google calendar integration Data syncCons: Bad user interface for iPhone users Time-consuming setup process

4. Power Planner

Price: free/$1.49Download: iOS | Android

Power Planner is a one-size-fits-all solution for students who need to manage their college life. As a homework planner app, it allows you to manage semesters, add assignments, and get notifications about your homework. All in all, this app is useful for school students who love to keep all information about education in one place: from adding time schedules and locations to tracking grades.

Pros: Google calendar integration Data sync Automatic remindersCons: A free version is limited to 1 semester and only 5 grades per class

5. School Assistant

Price: free/$2.99Download: Android

School Assistant is an educational app for Android users that helps students manage their college life with it. This app has built-in schedule maintenance, exam and homework reminders, evaluations, and information about the classes. School Assistant reminds users about the upcoming lessons and homework assignments, so students have the motivation to complete their duties on time.

Pros: Google calendar and Google drive integration Multi-language settings Unlimited class and evaluation typesCons: Available on Android only

6. Smart Study Plan

Price: free/in-app purchasesDownload: Android

Smart Study Plan is a well-designed app for study life planning that allows users to keep track of their lectures, assignments, exams, and grades. This app helps to prioritize homework assignments and manage subjects according to their importance and difficulty level. Based on user data and behavior, AI develops personal suggestions on time management. If you want to improve your time management skills, you will love this tool!

Pros: User-friendly interface No internet connection required AI help in time managementCons: Available on Android only

7. StudySmart

Price: freeDownload: Android

StudySmart is another option for students who need to find a planner app that can organize the educational process. This app helps to manage tasks, prioritize homework assignment, track exams, and get information about the upcoming classes.

Pros: Free Push up remindersCons: Available on Android only No “add progress” function

8. Any.Do

Price: free/$2.99Download: iOS | Android

StudySmart is another option for students who need to find a planner app that can organize the educational process. This app helps to manage tasks, prioritize homework assignment, track exams, and get information about the upcoming classes.

Pros: Available on many devices Push up reminders on your phone Focus modeCons: Poor interface design Most features are paid

9. Egenda

Price: free/ in-app purchasesDownload: iOS | Android

Egenda is another homework planner app for students who need help with doing their assignments. The best thing about this app is an ability to manage not only homework, but also projects, quizzes, and tests. This manager allows users to add classes, set deadlines, and get notifications. Moreover, it’s available on both Apple Store and Google Play.

Pros: By class sorting Phone notifications Calendar view functionCons: No data sync Expensive in-app products

10. ToDoIst

Price: free/$3.99Download: iOS | Android

ToDoIst is a productivity app for all people who want to get organized fast. It helps to keep track of everything, so students can give it a try too. To make the most out of this app, you can add assignments and create shared projects to work together with your groupmates. Plus, there’s a possibility to measure daily progress, so it helps to work on course works and projects.

Pros: Intuitive design Custom labels for tasks Shared projects Measure progress with weekly updatesCons: No reminders/alerts for free account

11. Study Bunny

Price: free/in-app purchasesDownload: Android

Study Bunny is a timer app that helps students focus during study sessions, get motivation, and improve focus. This app allows users to choose the length of your study session and pause for quick breaks, and therefore it makes the educational process easier. If you want to have fun and improve your time management skills at the same time, games can help not only kids, and this app is designed for you.

Pros: User-friendly design Push up reminders Interactive motivational tasksCons: No ability to change the font size Bugs

The Bottom Line

It goes without saying that homework requires much time and effort. However, planning your homework schedule is a proven way to become more productive and deal with your assignments without wasting time. Thus, more and more students turn to school planner apps to transfer information with ease.

Living in the digital era, it’s easy to keep track of your homework. So, wouldn’t it be great if you could find your perfect planner homework app today? Share your review with us!

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