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Business Law Assignment Help

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What is Business Law?

Business law, aka commercial law, covers the laws regarding various business elements such as corporations, partnerships, etc. It discusses the compulsory standards and guidelines that a company should follow to run it. For an organization to form, purchase, run and sell legally, it must act following these business laws. 

Typically, business law has two different types:

  • Rules of Commercial Entities
  • Rules of Commercial Transaction

However, it has a wide range of subjects and topics under these two types such as,

  • Contract Law
  • Securities Law
  • Employment Law
  • International Business Law, etc.

How to Write a Business Law Assignment?

Even if you are a good student, writing business law homework can be a hassle. Any type of legal writing causes difficulty for students as it has certain conditions that need to be fulfilled. So, to write a good business law report assignment, one should have sufficient knowledge of the topic. Assign U writers possess such knowledge and experience that will help you complete the assignment effectively.

For preparing a business law homework, you can follow the instructions below: 

  • Usually, a business law assignment has a certain format or structure that should be followed properly while writing the assignment. Also, you can follow the format provided by your course professor. 
  • Keep in mind that your writing doesn’t necessarily have to be full of legal terms. Use simple and understandable words. 
  • Study the required topic extensively. Try to answer all the questions that were asked in the assignment. 
  • Explain the topics with examples. Keep the assignment organized. 
  • Finally, check the assignment again and proofread it. Also, carefully provide the references or citations which helped you in writing the assignment. 

Why is it Important to Get Business Law Assignment Help?

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How to Get Business Law Assignment Help Online?

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Business Law Assignment Topics Covered by Assign U

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  • Consumer law
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  • Commercial law
  • Commercial Drafting and Negotiation
  • Intellectual Property Law
  • Constitutional Law
  • Capacity in Contract Law
  • Creditor’s Rights
  • Arbitration, Mediation and Negotiation
  • Substantive and Procedural Law
  • Environment Laws
  • Corporate Social Responsibilities
  • International Business Law
  • Difference Between Criminal and Civil Laws
  • Securities and Antitrust law
  • Legal Risk Management
  • Litigation Strategy
  • Consumer Protection and Product Liability

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What Is The Importance of a Business Law Assignment?

  • Students can learn the legislative guidelines and standards that every organization has to follow through the business law assignment.
  • They also understand the necessary laws and their extensions regarding business with the help of the assignment. 
  • A business can run smoothly if the individuals of that business have appropriate knowledge about the business laws. So, the student learning from business law assignments can operate a business without too much hassle in the future. 
  • The assignments also prepare the students for their exams and future corporate life. 

What Types of Business Law Assignment Do You Usually Handle?

There are many topics that your course professor can assign you for business law assignments. Assign U writers can help you with every one of them. Some of the business law assignment examples are given below:

  • How the contracts work in any business and how a legislature can work to understand and operate them.
  • Contracts law and their importance in business transactions and operations.
  • Evaluating and interpreting the role of Copyright and Trademark of a business organization.
  • The application and utilization of commercial law in business operations.
  • Examine and investigate the structure of any business organization and its operations and transactions.
  • Analyzing and interpreting the role of the State in preparing the business law rules and regulations.

How Can I Get a Higher Grade in Business Law Assignment?

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Business Law

This is my critical thought assignment for business law. In this post, we talk about a case brought to Massachusetts State Court where the plaintiff and independent counsel venture to sue the United States Department of Agriculture for having placed a restriction that prohibits cattle ranchers from testing all of their cows for mad cow disease. The plaintiff argues that since her ranch is willing to cover their expenses in testing the cows, then the federal government should not have grounds to prohibit them from doing so. The plaintiff is Hoper Ranch. During the direct examination, the plaintiff attests that it is unknown how widespread mad cow disease is among humans, considering the symptoms being so similar to Alzheimer’s disease. Dr. Harriett Butchko confirms the factuality of the statement in her paper, Alzheimer’s Disease versus Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease, as published on www.madcowfacts.com in 2005. (see below)

business law assignment help

The plaintiff argues that while some may feel that the testing of every cow is unnecessary, it is the policy of her ranch to do so as a matter of safety and brings to question the government’s authority to prevent her private business from conducting such safety precautions. During cross-examination, the plaintiffs suggest that it would be in the meat industry’s best interests to improve safety regulations due to 65 countries having restricted importing U.S. beef in light of the USDA’s inadequate testing regulations. Natalie Tso confirms this statistic in her article in Time magazine. 

business law assignment help

The defendant, the United States Department of Agriculture, claims that most cows are slaughtered between 18 and 24 months of age, typically before the disease is detectable. They claim that the grounds for restricting the plaintiff from testing the cows on her ranch would make the meat industry look negligent when she makes public that her ranch is the only one who tests all their cows. It would imply that her meat is safer. During a negotiation, the defense attempts to bargain with the plaintiff, an offer in which the USDA would consider lifting the testing ban if Hoper Ranch would agree not to advertise. Miss Hopper immediately refuses this offer, and no settlement is reached. In his closing statement, the plaintiff’s attorney questions the logic behind the government prohibiting a company from exceeding regulations to make its products safer, calling it a deliberate step to thwart our safety. This logic appeals to the judges’ better nature, and the band is overruled.

I completely agree with the judge’s decision to overrule the ban on independent testing of every cow in a private ranch. As a libertarian, I hold a general opposition to the federal government interfering in the actions and decisions of private citizens and private businesses. This case is particularly appalling to me. It deals with a ban on testing with no beneficial public health applications and is designed only to allow the meat industry to save on testing costs without being made to look negligent. By allowing privately owned ranches to exceed testing regulations and advertise that they do so, the USDA states that it would imply that the tested meat is safer than the industry standard. Therefore, in cahoots with the captains of the meat industry, the USDA issued this ban on private testing to allow these large corporations to not only do the bare minimum amount of testing that the law requires but to be prohibited from doing otherwise.

I think that the obvious truth of the matter is that the tested meat will undisputedly always be as safe or safer than untested meat. There is no legitimate reason for banning private businesses from going into their own pockets to exceed safety regulations when the bottom-line concern is public safety. And although I do see the legitimate reasoning for major cattle ranches not to want to test the millions of individual cows that go through their facilities, I see no legal justification for prohibiting other ranchers from doing so, making the USDA restriction simply a tactic for saving face. 

I believe the show represented the facts of the matter in a whimsical fashion, that makes it easy for people to take away with them the key ethical issues of the case without being overwhelmed with the bombardment of legal jargon that the defense would realistically use in this case to make it more convoluted for the inquiring public. I don’t believe the legal system is fairly represented in the show as the casual nature of the court scene seems far too Hollywood to be taken quite seriously. And I don’t think the defendant’s argument was accurately portrayed. I also would like to have seen the defense’s closing argument. However regardless of what could have been said, I don’t believe that the judge’s ruling could have been anything other than what it was. And lifting the restriction on independent cattle testing is the only ethical and legal recourse in this matter. 

Business Law Assignment Help